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The design of appliances that simplify modern life is within the philosophy of the brand Bosch. It’s not a coincidence its slogan is “invented for life”. Many of its innovations are inspired by the wishes of those end users who just want to get home to rest or simply want to make their experience in the kitchen something dynamic, stress-free, and even fun.

Although dishwashers are not the most popular appliances, Bosch studied how consumers interacted with them and discovered that users not only perceived it as indispensable kitchen helpers for preserving order and cleanliness in this space, but also that the way they load the device is a very personal process. These investigations were used to make their new line of dishwashers fit that ideal way to load frets, from there the new MyWay support was developed.


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Wash dishes your own way

MyWay is the new support inside the Bosch dishwasher, and the answer to all the prayers of many users who almost shouted for more space to load dishes. MyWay not only adds more space to the top of the dishwasher, but it does it without subtracting it from other parts of the appliance. Bosch incorporates another innovation to its long list and thus offers the third largest rack in the industry, proving that, when it comes to dishwashers, they are the best.

Another important aspect of MyWay is that it provides space for such difficult-to-adjust utensils such as cereal and soup bowls, spatulas, or beaters which allows you to get the most out of the dishwasher. The system also ensures that you just have to load the dishwasher a few times so that everything that you used for that big dinner gest clean.


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Another wish fulfilled by Bosch: fast wash

Bosh’s study of US users showed that a request as important as being able to load the dishwasher in their own personal way was also being able to do a quick dishwashing. The study also revealed that this desire is directly linked to finishing the household tasks to spend quality time with the family or to enjoy leisure time.

The new Speed60 cycle is capable of cleaning and drying dishes in just 60 minutes. If this was not enough, it makes the dishwasher adjust the required cleaning levels to ensure perfect results, swiftly, and make more efficient use of water.

This new line of Bosch dishwashers based on the needs and wishes of its users is undoubtedly a new way of making their philosophy something more tangible.


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