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Having an outdoor space when you live in a city is a blessing. Thinking about that, many designers make use of interesting tricks that work to make this kind of places real oasis that can be enjoyed in couples, family, and friends or even in privacy.

Outdoors areas are wonderful spaces that serve as excuses to create moments of leisure or relaxation, with that in mind we share tips to help optimize them. Transforming them into beautiful projects and adding a personal touch.

Size does not matter. If your outdoor area is just a reduced space, such as a small terrace, the possibility of building a functional entertainment area can be a reality. There are several compact options in the market such as the 30″ ALXE Grill of the Alfresco brand, which includes all the necessary devices when making a barbecue.

Islands aren’t just for kitchens. Something very functional, if your outdoor area allows it, is to include the central tables with drawers known as islands. These provide -besides much needed places of storage that serve like shelves to store things, hang glasses or utensils- the possibility of integrating a greater number of diners when using stools as seats.


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Strong as a rock. Outdoors areas tend to be frequent victims of weather and rough treatment, which is why a good suggestion is to include in them utensils and devices made of resistant materials such as stainless steel, stone, and coatings of metallic finishes. In this sense, the Coyote Outdoors brand offers products ranging from lighters, refrigerators, up to grill systems that can be built-in to create elegant furniture that in addition to satisfy the need to protect the artifacts is also decorative and adaptable to an outdoors space.

Less is not always more. As for the accessories, the designers recommend not to skimp on them. Outdoor areas are often used to make meals with family and friends, where – while the food is always the protagonist – it’s always important to strive for comfort and try to save as much work as possible. Alfresco offers useful, versatile, and safe utensils that can complement this space, making the experience of cooking together a fun and pleasant moment.

Making floor. The floor of an outdoor area should be as strong and comfortable as the appliances, utensils, and furniture that are included in it. The options are multiple but you must choose the one that best suits the space you want to create. Among the most common and recommended trends is the rustic stone floor, because it gives quite a natural air to the space. Ceramics or pavers of different materials and forms are also frequently chosen for these areas.

Finally, decoration specialists say that in these types of spaces it is important to include greenery, placing plants in strategic areas and adding lighting at specific points using torches, headlights or even LED lights. Obviously, everything will depend on the environment you want to create and what you want to share every time you are at home in the outdoors.


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