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BioFresh technology is Liebherr‘ s answer to the main concern consumers have when it is time to buy a new refrigerator: keeping fresh food longer. Luckily, the German brand has plenty of experience in that area.

Liebherr is a pioneer in refrigeration and one of the brands with most patents related to the specialty. In the case of BioFresh, a technology patented by the company, refrigerators are transformed into versatile storage spaces where the broadest variety of food can be stored in optimal conditions.

Fresher fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, and meats that retain their organoleptic properties, is the promise of BioFresh. The fact is that this technology allows food to be stored much longer, and also preserve its vitamins and nutrients, when it’s placed in the drawers.

How is this possible? Simple. The precision of BioFresh helps guarantee that food is stored at temperatures slightly above freezing point, which -according to experts- is the optimal cooling level for preservation.


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HydroSafe or DrySafe: Aces up the sleeve

Liebherr knows that refrigerating and preserving food the optimal way is not an easy task, so low temperatures alone are not enough to preserve freshness and its nutritional properties. For this to be possible, special humidity levels and dry conditions are required.

That is why, the humidity level can be adjusted through a slider control in the BioFresh drawers, to create optimal conditions which Liebherr has called HydroSafe o DrySafe. Therefore, the drawers of the refrigerators of this German brand act as safe boxes of freshness and can be adjusted to your individual needs.

So, if the BioFresh in your Liebherr refrigerator is set to HydroSafe mode, the humidity level increases. This will allow you to keep the freshness of seasonal fruits and vegetables with all their properties longer. This system, which is highly technological and easy to use, will continuously maintain the temperature just over 32 degrees F (0 degrees C) which, even with a high level of humidity, will not allow your food to freeze accidentally.

Now, if your concern is the storage of meat, fish, and dairy products, the humidity level decreases just by having the slider open, so the BioFresh-Safe becomes a DrySafe. Lower humidity is ideal for this purpose.

In fact, an independent European study guarantees that when food is stored in these comparatively dry conditions, meat and dairy products will retain their flavor much longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment. And according to the study, this even allows some varieties of cheese to be preserved for up to 100 days.

So, if you have decided to change your refrigerator for a new one, seriously consider the many options offered by the brand along with





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