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Imagine preparing delicious braised lamb ribs, mango stuffed ravioli, or any of the delicacies that make you sigh watching the cooking channels, in a simple and fast way. Well, Gaggenau offers you all that and more.

Equipped with an incredible amount of cooking options and functions that will allow you to do almost anything, both the double oven BX480611 and the convection oven BO450611, which belong to the 400 series by Gaggenau, are proof that the only limit in the kitchen is the imagination; and of course, not having a Gaggenau oven at home.

Beautiful, elegant and functional, these devices are the dream of those who want to come close to the professional way of cooking. But let’s explain why we can make such claims.


La Cuisine International


An “all-in-two”

The double oven BX480611 by Gaggenau is one of the best purchases that can be made for the kitchen. These appliances will allow you to not only cook two dishes at the same time, but also defrost something in one of them or keep warm a dish, while the other finishes baking a cake, a pizza or any of the recipes that you inherited from your grandmother.

Among the benefits you will love from this pair are 17 heating methods, with central temperature probe, rotary rotisserie and baking stone function. Also, as part of the Gaggenau signature seal, these appliances are easy to use, have a TFT touch screen and rotating button; and let’s not forget that they come with electronic temperature control (from 85° to 550° degrees F).

But if you believe there is something missing from your wish list, this set of ovens comes with a dough proofing function, which will allow you to see the dough grow for your bread or pizza in an accelerated way.

Also, the lower oven of this pair has a central temperature probe with automatic shutdown, and both have a timer with very useful functions. However, what you would certainly like to know is that these ovens made of stainless-steel, tempered glass and enameled shelves with 5 rack levels, come with a self-cleaning function which will make you use them more often.


La Cuisine International


A great solution for small spaces

The BO450611 is the perfect solution for small kitchens. This appliance from the 400 series by Gaggenau is a convection oven that offers 13 cooking and heating modes with a central temperature probe and baking stone operation.

Made of stainless-steel and tempered glass, the BO450611 has a very elegant design with a handless door and automatic opening. The easy-to-use touch screen will allow you to roast, toast, take advantage of the grill mode, stone-bake, and even see your pizza dough grow (dough proofing mode) just by choosing the option.

In this regard, you will be interested to know that aside from the option for fast preheating, this oven also comes with a pyrolytic self-cleaning system, which will make it the best friend of your family because it will allow you to create healthier dishes, becoming your best kept secret, because no one will believe what this appliance allows you to do in such a short time, without wasting precious time from your life having to clean it.

So, if you are looking for options for a more relaxed and especially healthy life, think about adding one of these beauties offered by Gaggenau to your kitchen.


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