Pizza Oven Plus: A reward for the lovers of outdoor cooking


Cooking outdoors is a pleasure that Alfresco has turned into art. This brand known for introducing innovations to outdoor cooking, has also offered families the technology that can make their food seem like dishes that have nothing to envy from those of a restaurant.

Pizza Plus is the oven that Alfresco has designed with commercial performance caliber to take your Sunday afternoons to another level. This oven that only needs 15 minutes of preheating, not only is ideal to make pizza, but also to make roasts and cook lasagna, cakes, meat and almost any dish that requires a regular oven, but faster and with better results.


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High technology in the back yard

What makes this oven special? The design and high-technology elements that constitute the same. The Pizza Plus is a gas oven with a heart and ceiling made of high-quality ceramic (3/4 width) that allows the intense heat that develops within to be efficiently distributed up and down.

Alfresco incorporated a cooling chamber into this oven that keeps the control panel cool to the touch. Other characteristics that make this oven unique are the high-technology ceramic infrared burner (20,000 BTUs), the halogen lights for its illumination, and a cooking surface of 456 square inches.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Pizza Plus is an oven that can be adapted to the requirements of the user with accessories that can create a full-service station with a plaque shelf to store (dishes, pans, spices, among other things), a plastic chopping board and a tray cooled by ice to keep pizza ingredients and other condiments. Besides, it comes in several models that can be built-in, incorporated to a preparation cart, or simply placed over a countertop.

How you decide to use this oven is a matter of taste, but we can assure you that the turkeys, pizzas, and even cakes made in the Pizza Plus will be the heart of those family gatherings you enjoy so much.


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