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The most consumed beverage in the world is gaining more jealous suiters every day. And it couldn’t be any other way, since the properties of the coffee that improves the quality of our lives and the health of consumers continue to be discovered daily.

However, the quality of a good coffee goes through a chain of processes that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. We are no longer talking about simply brewing the liquid. Said liquid must come from a bean that is properly harvested, toasted, and grounded. But this sequence of sophisticated steps is lost if the coffee is not prepared correctly and consumed right away. That is precisely why preparing large amounts of coffee is a sin.

A cup of glory

Close your eyes and imagine the incredible scent of a well-served espresso. All the aroma and strength of coffee that is toasted, grounded, and prepared in one cup…would you share it? Certainly not.

The coffee machine ENA Micro 90 from Jura offers precisely that: A good cup of coffee. Without the risk of preparing excess of it and lose the flavor and quality in a few wasted sips.

Jura understands that there is nothing like freshly brewed coffee and, for that reason, brings to the reach of its clients a compact, efficient, and versatile coffee machine to serve their personal cup of coffee, considering there are as many types of coffee as there are consumers.

The personalization options of the ENA Micro 90 offers macchiatto, capuccino, espresso, and regular coffee with doses or grades between 6 and 10 grams for a custom-made flavor intensity.

A serving of technology

With a control panel on the superior carcass, the Aroma Boost option offers a coffee that is stronger than usual at the touch of a button. Some of the technological advantages, of what is deemed the most complete offer of the Swiss brand, are a milk vaporizer that ensures a lighter foam due to the serving temperature -57°C- and a controlled extraction time to secure taking maximum advantage of the coffee.

Like all the products from Jura, the ENA MICRO 90 includes an energy consumption control that it’s reduced after 5 minutes of its last brewing and gets completely disconnected 60 minutes after the last cup of coffee has been served. The cleaning system requires minimum human intervention and its elegant and functional design fits in a home or an office.

With so many reasons to enjoy a glorious coffee that is easily prepared, you can certainly understand why sharing your coffee is not convenient.


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