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Traditional constructions of continuous and clean lines are leading the way for new types of architecture. Always thinking about offering the best housing solutions, broaden perspectives and optimize spaces, here are the top 3 most interesting proposal for “stacked boxes” in construction.


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1.- TreeHouse Hotel – China

The firm Bengo’s Studios built a complex that combines all its spaces around a spiral staircase in the Chinese province of Anhui. Each environment has a glass wall that allows the user to have a 360° vision of all the space surrounding the building.

Both the walls and the floors are lined with wood, so the construction is more harmonic with the wooded atmosphere where it belongs. The glass doors open towards terraces that are integrated to the exterior of the construction. The staggered blocks constitute a whole floor of 120 square meters divided into three levels where each room is an irregular cubicle.


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2.- 3×3 Endorphine’s House – Czech Republic

The firm Endorphine built 3×3 housing units in the middle of the Green Resorts Golf State field with the vision to interfere as little as possible with the ecosystem but providing the same with a human intervention.

The project is based on homes built with boxes of 3 meters that fit together thanks to glass cubic spaces and black panels. The houses have the minimum features the user could require for a pleasant stay within a strictly minimalist design.


La Cuisine International


3.- MoshaHouse – Iran

New Wave Architecture created an impressive building constituted by three staggered blocks of different sizes and directions that also seem to be embedded in the hill where they are located. Dressed in an impeccable white color to provide the construction with a sensation of purity, each block ends in a crystal wall that offers the owners of such peculiar house three different perspectives of the same landscape.
The construction was built with concrete blocks and the roof of each area of the house has been developed as terraces with different activities to optimize the full space. The union of the three blocks turns around an impressive spiral staircase in natural wood that matches perfectly the minimalist and geometric decoration on the inside.

This type of architecture is proof that thinking outside the box is an interesting option for those looking to transform even the simplest forms into creative ideas.


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