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Sunday family barbecues are one of the guilty pleasures of modern life. Drifting away from work and enjoying grilled vegetables and meat remind us of those unforgettable camping trips. But now, you don’t have to leave the city to enjoy that or struggle to transport all the necessary gear.

Brands such as Alfresco offer barbecue enthusiasts a range that goes from full kitchen equipment to everything in between, such as storage pantries and refrigerators, as well as modular sinks that transform into bars or work areas with the help of a few accessories. All the amenities necessary to relax and have a great time with the family.

Durability and versatility

Alfresco knows well that one of the main concerns of those who love outdoor cooking is cleanness and space optimization. Having a place to wash the dishes and an area to prepare meats and salads are essential. For that reason, Versa, the modular line of this American brand is so popular.

Versa counts with different versions (14,” 24” and 30”) and its modules adapt to the space you have. Each of them offers solutions that can be expanded with a wide variety of accessories offered by the brand. The best part is the fact that the materials used for their manufacture (even the accessories) provide them with durability.


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Many in 1

The 14” version (AGBC-14) is small but efficient. With all the accessories available, you can transform this sink into an all-purpose space. Made of stainless-steel and with dimensions of 11” width, 21” depth and 8 1/4” height, you can place an ice bin (32 pounds) on it and turn it into a bar station, which is ideal for the cook. Besides, Alfresco offers a front bottle speed rail (capacity of 3) and a sliding stainless-steel cover to place other tools.
The AGBC-24 (24″) model offers dimensions of 19” width, 21” depth and 8 1/4” height, which allow you to keep 60 lbs. of ice, thus becoming an excellent ice bin. Just like its preceding model, a front bottle speed rail with a capacity for 4 bottles and a sliding stainless-steel cover can be adapted to this model.

The AGBC-30 is the ideal of any outdoor kitchen. This modular design not only offers enough space for the designated Chef (with a sink with dimensions of 27” width, 21” depth and 8 1/4” height), but also allows the possibility to transform the space, upon finishing the kitchen work, into a small bar (with an ice bin with a capacity of 90 lbs.) with all the necessary amenities. It comes with a wooden chopping board and its accessories include a front bottle speed rail with a capacity for 4 bottles, as well as a series of boxes to keep anything you like from vegetables to appetizers, among others.

Now you don’t have to go from one place to another during Sunday’s barbecue. Alfresco offers you the possibility to have everything handy in one place.


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