10 trends that’ll help know a house by its façade


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The typical white houses with wooden window frames are a thing of the past. Nowadays, architects have opened up to an endless variety of possibilities when it comes to façades.

So, it seems that we can judge a house by its façade, just as we do with books, and the new construction trends point at offering a remarkable first impression flaunting the materials, concepts, colors, and more. Here are the 10 most popular trends:

1.Large Windows
Floor to ceiling panoramic glass or large windows provide a sense of a greater space, bring light, and can be combined with blinds to suit any taste. Although, this doesn’t leave any details to the imagination, it offers great style.

Metalized sheets, wood, or texturized materials turn claddings into very fashionable solutions. But more than being an indulgence in style, they offer a sense of sobriety and a modern trend that is also a clever way to avoid periodic expenses for exterior painting.

3.Playing with Light
Using different sources of light, with shades and intensities, it is a tool to highlight the most convenient areas and create a cozy image.

4.Vertical Gardens
This trend is becoming more popular as it allows the combination of plants to generate modern series of textures and colors. Cleverly made, they help refresh the indoor climate of a home and, despite appearances, offer minimum maintenance requirements.

5.Black is the new White
Dark colors such as black, charcoal grey, dark green, and red have substituted whites and neutral tones in façades. The most adventurous combine them with wood or metal finishes, which gives an elegant, up-to-date, and sophisticated image to the structure.

6.The return of Cement
This material is experiencing a successful comeback thanks to the industrial design trend. It looks elegant and neat, aside from offering durability.


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7.Tiles without the gloss
Ceramic floor tiles, Porcelanatto, or Espacatto floor tiles in a matte or smooth stone finish are perfect to cover façade walls. They offer a minimalist style and are very convenient due to their durability.

8.Discreet Safety
Say goodbye to bars on balconies and doors, and welcome to the new trend of elegant glass and armored doors. They offer almost unnoticeable safety to the home.

Angular and flat shapes are the latest trend in home design. These new style facades have almost eliminated curves to show cleaner and simpler surfaces.

10.Burnished Concrete
This material, which is also being used on floors, has come to the forefront for façades due to its minimal maintenance and high quality. Also, since dark gray is a cold tone that matches almost any other color or material, burnished concrete is currently used more frequently on façades.

We hope these tips can help you if you are considering updating your home and investing a little in a new outdoor design.


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