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Mobile apps amuse us and make our lives easier, managing to turn your smartphone into the best assistant for household chores. Today, they not only offer the best recipes but also help when it comes to cooking, grocery shopping, and much more. So, we begin the age of new technologies, delegating all the work to the mobile.

Besides doing certain chores for us, these apps certainly are the best allies for those with forgetful minds. Therefore, not knowing your way around the kitchen is a thing of the past.

Home automation, having control despite the distance
Home automation consists of controlling home devices remotely. The possibility to regulate the temperature of the oven, know if a beverage or food is at the ideal temperature for consumption or checking your refrigerator while you do grocery shopping at the supermarket is already a reality. Bosch in alliance with Home Connect offers its users the control of their appliances from a smartphone or tablet, being able to manipulate them remotely. This would allow you anything from pre-heating the oven while you arrive home, to checking the content of your refrigerator while you are at the supermarket to avoid forgetting something you need to buy. The only requirement is a WIFI internet connection or a steady data plan from your service provider.

In permanent connection with your home
Apps such as Home Connect contribute in a comprehensive manner to any process where your devices are involved, and that participation goes beyond its use to get recipes, tips for care and maintenance, and the possibility to share the information of your choice with other users. This free app, available for all operating systems, is continuously working with the brand Bosch on broadening its offer of remote solutions for its users. These options even go past the kitchen to offer the control of washers, dryers, and air conditioners.


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Recipes, purchases and much more
Other apps such as Supertruper, offer different options that allow the comparison of prices for the products in establishments located close to the user, anonymously gathering and sharing verified information about the more affordable supermarkets. When it comes to recipes, there is a cluster of apps that offer a great variety of information, classifying recipes based on the type of food, nutritional information, cooking time, etc.

One of the top apps in this area is Tastemade. This app puts delicious and practical recipes in the palm of your hands through simple videos. And if you are one of those people who never know what to cook, Carrot (iOS) is what you need. This app requires you to register everything you have in the refrigerator and then recommends a series of dishes you can prepare with those ingredients. Additionally, the app can look for the healthiest recipes or easier dishes to prepare.
In short, the influence of mobile apps in our daily lives is increasing as they become part of our routines, and simplify our household chores.


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