Quadrant House: the house that moves like a sundial


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Quadrant House is a unique combination of technological innovation and architecture. The ambitious project is certainly a great example of what living architecture means today. Developed by the studio KWK directed by Robert Konieczny, the project is based on a house with a moving or rotating terrace that responds to the trajectory of the sun.

The idea originated from the need to build a simple, sunny, and relaxing home that somehow was able to react to the movement of the sun, located on a ground with a regular shape and surrounded by other large residences in the Polish suburbs. With these guidelines in mind, the team designed a minimalist structure formed by a two-story central building, containing the main functions of the house, arranged at an angle perpendicular to the street, and a single-story structure parallel to the road.

The floor, shaped like the letter L, allows privacy and offers a view of the garden. The house with  sloping ceilings and two-stories is spacious and has different service areas including parking area and spa. Also, this shape facilitates the mobility of the system, which rotates on its own axis, and has made quite an impression on both neighbors and fans of architecture.


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But it moves

To make the house, or part of it, move the KWK studio used a set of hinges and rails. This allows the moving terrace to rotate 90 degrees in the middle of a secluded garden located at the back of the property.

This moving terrace rotates between the gym area, contained within the structure that is parallel to the street and the living room that runs in perpendicular direction. This part is equipped with blinds to protect the house from sunlight and winds.

The structure is inspired by the sextant (or quadrant), an ancient astronomical instrument used by navigators to determine the position of the stars. So, the studio designed a system that automatically reacts to sunlight and moves looking for better ventilation, lighting, and temperature in the residence.

Another very interesting fact about this house is that it also reacts to the  seasons, being able to regulate sunlight in the spaces in both winter and summer. When there is good weather the house opens to the enjoyment of those who live in it, creating a porch or extension to the garden with its movement.

The system that allows the house to rotate on its axis was designed and manufactured by Comstal. Although it’s fully automated, it can also be operated manually. Equipped with advanced safety sensors, if an obstacle is found on the rails, the terrace stops to preserve its correct operation.

According to the experts, Quadrant House is nothing but proof of what will be seen in the future in terms of architecture. In other words, architecture that is more in touch with the environment and more connected to technology.


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