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Yes, everything related to wine is full of romance, rites, and knowledge, but what about those of us who just want to enjoy a glass of wine after a long day? With them in mind, David Koretz created Plum, the first appliance that equals having a winemaker at home.

Plum is a system that will save you time when it comes to opening the bottle, storing it, being careful with the cork and other needs that involve taking care of this special beverage. It will not only serve the perfect amount of wine at the right temperature, but it will also preserve it -for up to 90 days- as if it were a specialized winery. And if you like to enjoy a glass of white wine before you eat or while cooking, but prefer a red or a rosé with dinner or lunch, Plum offers you the possibility of having two bottles opened, being able to provide you with a glass of the one you prefer without affecting the rest.

Con an interior capacity for two bottles, this appliance has two HD cameras, so you won’t have to remember what you introduced in it. The system scans the labels and identifies the wine, harvest, grape variety, production region, winery, and diverse other data related to the particular brand with the purpose of maintaining the appropriate temperature for each bottle and facilitating the enjoyment of the wine of your choice.


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The secrets of the home winemaker

Plum’s appearance is elegant. This sort of mini-smart-wine cellar will perfectly match the style of your kitchen and won’t occupy a lot of space (with its measurements of 15″ wide, 17″ high and 20.5″ deep). Designed with sober and simple lines, it’s made in polished stainless-steel with a shiny black front and a touch-screen control panel in glass with a proximity sensor, which lights up when someone approaches.

To preserve the integrity of the wine, each bottle rests on the inside -it houses 750 ml bottles with any type of cork or cap- in a dramatically illuminated and inclined chamber that offers the comfort and safety of a winery. Once the wine is inside the chamber,  the bottle is perforated by a motorized  and  pressurized needle that injects inert and safe argon, which prevents oxidation, protects the properties of the wine and allows the system to offer you a glass as soon as you press the button and request it.

Another interesting feature of Plum is the fact that although the device will fill your glass with 5 ounces (about 150 ml) of wine, the system will allow you to program another serving size. The appliance also has two thermoelectric solid-state cooling chambers that automatically cool each bottle at its ideal temperature. That is, this appliance will provide you with a unique experience due to its customizable system.

A wi-fi connected winemaker

Plum is a fully smart system that is connected to the web. The device comes with a web app that once connected to your network will offer you with details about the wines you have in the chamber. With user-friendly programming on the touch-screen panel on the front of the appliance, a series of simple commands will guide you throughout the process.

Like any state-of-the-art appliance, it requires care and maintenance, but the good news in this regard is that Plum has a built-in automatic cleaning system, so you are always ready to pour the perfect glass of wine.

Plum comes with a gas-infused canister (reusable), which lasts for 200 bottles and you can acquire the refills from the brand. As for the needle, it can pierce up to 300 bottles.

So, as you can see, Plum is the system that will not only offer you that glass of wine you desire so much after all the daily stress, but it is also the appliance that will be your ally during those gatherings with friends or family members who tend to come out of the blue.


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