The charm of gas cooktops (how to choose the right one?)


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Gas cooktops are the ideal choice for those who want to have an open kitchen and also love blue flames. Yes, nowadays gas cooktops compete in the same terms with ceramic glass hobs, and although there are significant differences between one option and the other, the truth is that it’s all a matter of taste (take a look at our article).

Unlike full kitchens that include an oven, gas cooktops are stainless-steel or tempered glass countertops with the same cooking power as the first ones. These devices are installed on surfaces (such as islands) and feature stoves and burners. They are powerful, quick, offer a long-life cycle, don’t require special care and are usually easy to maintain.

Considerations to make the right choice

The first thing to consider when it comes to choosing a gas cooktop suitable for your kitchen is the size of the location available. After that, the choice would  depend on the amount of  people who live in the house and the use they will give to the cooktop.

The most commonly used models of gas cooktops are those that offer 4 burners, as these are  the standard size. But if you have plenty of space you can choose 5 or 6 burners which will mean that you’ll be able to cook more dishes simultaneously.

Another important feature to consider is power. One of the great advantages that gas cooktops have always offered is the fact that you can better regulate the heat, because it’s done manually. However, thanks to today’s continuous technological improvements, brands provide more precise options. In fact, currently you can find on the market models that have up to 9 power levels to adjust the flame.


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Brands and models

If you wish to incorporate the power of gas, the beauty of tempered glass and the technology of FlameSelect into your kitchen, the cooktop PPQ7A6B90 from the 6 Series by Bosch is the solution you are looking for.

This 75-cm-gas-cooktop achieves perfect cooking results thanks to its 9  precisely defined power levels (FlameSelect). With 5 burners, including a powerful wok burner (up to 4 kW), this cooktop that offers the option to be installed in the standard way or semi-recessed is both elegant and durable.

With a tempered glass surface, a sober design and easy cleaning, this cooktop comes with a continuous cast iron support to offer your pots and pans strength and stability. In each of the burners you will find the perfect option for the dish you need to cook. Therefore, this cooktop is the perfect choice for a small family or a medium capacity kitchen.

However, if your home is generally full of guests or you have a big family, it would probably be a good idea to choose something like the Thermador PCG486WD Professional Rangetop. With 48 inches (121.9 cm) this is a versatile cooktop of large dimensions. It has 6 powerful Star® Burners with QuickClean Base®  which guarantee superior heat distribution regardless of pot size and it is easy to maintain, but also has a non-stick, rust-proof cast-aluminum griddle.

Made in stainless-steel with cast-aluminum grilles, this cooktop features LED downlighting (discreetly hidden over the control panel) that adds an elegant touch to this professional-looking, high-performance cooktop. As we already mentioned this cooktop has burners of different precision capacities:  ExtraLow® Simmer (up to 325 BTU) and others with great power (18,000 BTU) on the front, plus a 1630-watt electric griddle, so you will have the chance to prepare many dishes simultaneously at home with the skills of a chef.

In sum, if you are determined to have a gas cooktop at home, you already have all the guidelines to choose the one that best fits your needs.


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