Marie Kondo’s top 10 secrets to organize the kitchen (a dream come true)


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Her name has become the epitome of order and beauty, so bringing Marie Kondo’s secrets into the kitchen is a dream come true for many.

Let’s be honest, the kitchen is one of the places in the house where we accumulate more things, so more clutter is usually there. Dinnerware that we don’t use, appliances that we didn’t even know we had, closets full of towels and even cans of food expired, are some of the small things that take away space and harmony from this area.

Fortunately, Marie Kondo, the order guru who has the answer to organize almost everything, also has secrets that help put in order food and utensils in our kitchens. Following are some ideas for you to take note that we specify as commandments.


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The Commandments of the Kondo Law 

1st commandment. This is the basis of the Konmari method in the kitchen: save only what is actually used and have a specific place for each category of things. While this doesn’t guarantee that your kitchen would always be “perfect” -especially if it’s a busy kitchen- it will allow you to have it tidy, clear and make it functional because you will ALWAYS know where things are. 

2nd commandment. Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be organized today. Marie Kondo is emphatic about taking the bull by the horns. That is, to spend a day (and only one) to perform this task. This will allow you to see what you have in the kitchen and be aware of the number of products, utensils, and food you accumulate. Although it sounds difficult, she claims it’s not.

3rd commandment. Take everything out of the drawers without remorse. Dinnerware, Tupperware containers, cups, pots, pans, small appliances, cleaning cloths, cleaning products and everything in the pantry, get it out and ask yourself what of those things you see as part of your life and what you don’t want in your life from now on. If your kitchen is small, take this recommendation very seriously, and trusts us that after the worst part is over you will thank us. How do you get started with this? Simple, do it by categories: first the utensils, then the food, and finish with the cleaning products.

4th commandment. Decide what you will keep and what you won’t. Examine each thing and think objectively about the use you give to it and, most importantly, if you really need it. Appliances that you no longer use and are in good condition can be donated or sold, while broken objects should be classified by material and taken to recycling locations. Then do the same with food. Check the expiration dates for everything you have in the pantry. Get rid of products already expired and use as soon as possible whatever is approaching its expiration date. And again, donate anything you are not going to use.

5th commandment. Order up and also down. In high cabinets put things you don’t use regularly such as dinnerware for special occasions (expensive or inexpensive) or baking pans. Below, place what you use almost daily: plates, glasses, cups, and so on.

6th commandment. Keep all Tupperware containers vertically. It may sound weird, but Kondo assures that this way you not only gain space, but you can also directly see everything you have and obviously choose what you need. However, before doing this you have to put the little ones inside the large ones. Another great recommendation is to use a large drawer or an accessible closet for this. Besides, the expert in order invites you to prefer square or rectangular containers, because they give more sense of order and allow you to take better advantage of the space.


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7th commandment. Store the pots as if  they were Matryoshka dolls. This means placing one inside the other to save space.

8th commandment. Organize food by categories. For example, put drinks on one side: coffee, infusions, long-life milk, etc. and on another pastas, flours, and other carbohydrates. You can create the categories yourself. This method can even be used to organize cleaning products.

9th commandment. As it happens in the kitchen, the same applies inside the refrigerator. This means that you must place on the top shelves what you use less, and organize food by categories: sauces, vegetables, fruits, cold cuts, etc. Finally, the principle of storing vertically is also important here to have visual access of everything you have and consume food before it expires.

10th commandment. In the Kondo method, order and visual harmony are basic concepts, so its creator recommends leaving only the things that are essential or what is used frequently on the countertops or other kitchen surfaces.

Now that you have taken note, it’s time to start. So put the Kondo to work, or even better, give your kitchen a new face.


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