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Gas ranges are a classic that never goes out of style. SMEG is aware of this and therefore strives to manufacture appliances that meets the expectations of those who see cooking as a delicious hobby based on sharing with others or a passion that awakens sensations.

It’s undeniable that the modernism of the ceramic glass cooktops and induction ranges have their own attractive features, but there is nothing comparable to the hypnotic charm of the blue flames of gas. Especially if these flames come from an appliance with lines reminiscent of traditional ranges, but with the high technology of the “Made in Italy” signature of SMEG.

A great example of this is the model SX96VJMK9 of the Classic line of this Italian brand. Made of stainless-steel, this range has cast iron grates, 9 soft touch knobs and the oven door is made of stopsol glass. With a sober and elegant design, it’s a device that can fit perfectly into modern or even industrial kitchens.

Chefs prefer gas ranges

People often wonder what chefs prefer when it comes to cooking and the answer in this regard is always the same: gas ranges. There are many reasons, here we enumerate some of them.

A gas range allows you to cook with any material. This is obviously important, especially if you are one of those purists who like to do things as they are traditionally done. So, in a gas range like the SX96VJMK9 from the Classic line by SMEG you can cook wonderful dishes in clay utensils, cast iron or in special pans like the woks.

Additionally, this 6-burners range will allow you to cook with any frying pan or pot, no matter how big. This way, you can reheat soup on the low-powered burners, while you roast meat over medium heat in the most powerful ones.

To this we must add that in a gas range you won’t need to wait for it to heat up. This is one of the key factors that explains why these ranges are preferred for professional kitchens, since you can also make sudden changes of temperature quickly and precisely in this type of gas range.


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An oven with all its comforts

Another advantage of this appliance is certainly its oven. With a gross capacity of 126 liters, this oven whose cavity is made of ever clean enamel (that’s quite easy to clean), has 5 metal shelves, 40W halogen lights and cooking time programming options (timer).

This oven has a detachable door system with an internal glass door for added safety. All these features are seasoned with all the advantages of having a gas oven at home such as cooking juicier dishes, energy savings, more authentic flavors, and use of fuel with less impact on the environment.

So, if you are looking to give a professional and classic touch to your kitchen, this device is a two-in-one that will give you quality and design in one package.


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