How to clean your microwave model HMV5053U by Bosch with natural ingredients


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Cleaning the kitchen to prevent germs and bacteria using products with ingredients that don’t affect the environment or natural substances is a trend nowadays. And now due to the pandemic, both types of products have become more important, and according to some, a new standard that’s here to stay.


Although the countertops and everything superficial in the kitchen are usually spotless in some homes, there are certain appliances that are almost forgotten, and the microwave is the main one. Closed and dark when it’s not operational, the microwave is the perfect space for bacterial proliferation, so it’s important to clean it carefully and consistently.


Since this is a sophisticated appliance used both to cook and reheat -especially if we’re are talking about a device like the model HMV5053U from the 500 Series by Bosh– it’s vital to clean it carefully. And not only to care for the device per se, but to care for all the food that is introduced in it.


Why do we emphasize this? Because studies focused on household hygiene indicate that the microwave is the appliance that accumulates more germs.


In fact, research conducted by Kimberly Clark indicates that in the handles of one out of two (48%) microwaves we can find high levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a bacterium responsible for food poisoning along with others, such as the well-known Escherichia Coli.



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Cleaning the interior of the microwave should be a daily chore. That is, you should remove the residue that splashes once you finish heating or cooking something. On the other hand, brands such as Bosch recommend disconnecting the appliance to do this, using detergents to clean it, and ALWAYS remembering to use a damp cloth to remove the product.


Why? To avoid the combustion inside the microwave. This is highly important especially when it comes to a state-of-the-art microwave such as the model HMV5053U from the 500 Series by Bosch, since this appliance allows you cook and defrost, so cleaning it must be done constantly and carefully.


For that reason, the advice is to use less invasive methods and non-aggressive products to clean it. The good news is that you can look for things you have at home such as lemon, vinegar, and a damp cloth, which are enough to clean everything and keep germs under control.



How to clean the microwave in less than 10 minutes


Step 1.- In a bowl, place a sliced lemon in 300ml of water and add two tablespoons white vinegar. Then introduce the bowl in the appliance.


Step 2.- Start the microwave for 5 minutes at high power.


Step 3.- Once the time is up, wait a few minutes with the microwave closed, so the hot steam dissipates inside. Then open the door and wipe the interior walls with a dry cloth.


Step 4.- Remove the bowl and the microwave turntable tray/plate. You can put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. Dry the bottom of the appliance and leave the door open to ventilate the interior for a few minutes. Make sure the turntable tray/plate is dry and ready before putting it back in the appliance.



To clean the exterior


Step 1.- Unplug the appliance.


Step 2.- Depending on where you have the oven installed or located, the exterior of the microwave is filled with dust and grease. So, to clean it thoroughly, use a degreaser and a microfiber cloth, emphasizing the handle of the oven, and be very careful with the touch control panel. You can also use the same mixture (lemon, water, and vinegar) that you used to clean the interior.


Step 3.- Dry everything very well.


FINAL NOTE: Microwaves like the model HMV5053U from the 500 Series by Bosch are usually recessed. Therefore, you must remove it from its location, clean the area carefully, allow it to dry and then put back the microwave.


We’ve made a lot of emphasis on drying because moisture is the best friend of bacteria, and because the appliance won’t have any electrical issues if it’s perfectly dry. And remember, you are the guarantor of the safety of your home.


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