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Coyote introduces its new ceramic grill and takes the aesthetics of outdoor appliances to a whole new level. A high-quality ceramic provides heat resistance to the Freestanding Asado Cooker, giving a new flair to your Sunday gatherings.


The new Freestanding Asado Cooker comes in a compact design that’s ideal for small spaces and includes all the benefits that ceramic can bring to cooking appliances.



A safe fire

We already know that traditional grills are manufactured in metal. Grills are usually designed in stainless-steel or with Teflon coatings to withstand the high temperatures of the flame and the impact of outdoor elements. However, Coyote presents the Freestanding Asado Cooker, innovating in the market of outdoor appliances with the use of an unusual material in these products (see operation video).


Ceramic provides many benefits over metal and Teflon. First, it doesn’t release toxic gases when exposed to high temperatures, it’s more resistant to the use of cooking utensils (scratchproof), and its coating is wearproof. Also, food doesn’t stick to ceramic, making it easier to clean.


When it comes to cooking, the effect will be different based on how the grill is used. If you use the Freestanding Asado Cooker closed you’ll achieve the same effect of a saucepan.


This means that, thanks to Coyote’s Standard Signature Smoking Grate technology, food will soften and cook on the inside faster, making it a fantastic model for dishes that require longer cooking times. This is due to the drum effect of the grill, which concentrates the heat more, rather than expanding it over a longer flat surface, helping the flames last longer, which makes it ideal for smoking and simmering processes.


Besides, ceramic is insulating, so touching the outside surface of the grill while you cook won’t pose any danger.


However, if you wish to achieve the traditional barbecue finish, the temperature can be graduated through the ventilation window for precise handling, in addition to a thermometer attached to the grill cover. All that on a large cooking area of 245 square inches.


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With everything included

The Freestanding Asado Cooker comes fully equipped as the accessories for the operation of the grill are included in the purchase: the marinading tool for chicken or turkey, the pizza stone -next to a device to lift it to the height required for comfortable handling- the side wood boards with coasters, cooking trays, chromed wheels to move easily through the garden and a custom-made cover to protect it from the rain.


As if that wasn’t enough, Coyote offers on its website other items to further enhance the cooking or grilling experience with the Freestanding Asado Cooker. It’s like a stainless-steel tool menu, which will make your barbecues more professional, easy, and enjoyable.


The departure from steel or Teflon to ceramic may seem risky to the more traditional grillers, but what is life without risks? And in this case, the result will be so positive that those huge iron grills will be a thing of the past.


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