Tips that will make your kitchen a perfect 10 


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We know that a clean and tidy kitchen is the heart of the home, so we want to help you transform it into a perfect 10 in terms of functionality, warmth, and style! 

Here, we bring you four foolproof tips to turn your culinary space into an area where happiness and creativity flow like the main ingredients in a perfect recipe. 

1. A kitchen with good vibes 

Who said cooking has to be a race? Go for a kitchen that surrounds you with warmth and good vibes, one that makes you feel in harmony while you season and prepare your dishes with joy. Be inspired by projects that aim at achieving calm and functionality; the goal is enjoyment, not stress. 

How can you recreate this in your kitchen? First, choose appliances that help you with your daily tasks. Two examples are SMEG’s CP315X warming drawer that keeps your dishes at the right temperature, and the oven HBL8743UC from Bosch’s 800 Series, which is a double appliance whose upper area offers you a fast oven that you can also use as a microwave, while the lower area offers you the classic convection model that’s perfect for recipes that require more time. 

But you can also generate a sense of peace with good natural lighting and placing aromatic plants that bring nature and its good energy to the kitchen. 

2. Add your style to your kitchen 


Combining styles is an art, and doing so in the kitchen is no different. Bring out your creativity and add life to a bright area with an office that not only facilitates lightning breakfasts on weekday mornings but also combines classic and modern elements. 

Place designer chairs next to a classic table, and to top it off, add wallpaper with black and white botanical motifs! With an ambiance like this, any meal can be savored with a smile. (We recommend you also read What’s new for the kitchen in 2023.

3. The secret up the sleeve: lighting 

Natural light allows you to create a cozy kitchen, there’s no doubt about it. So, if you have windows in the kitchen, take advantage of the views and allow the sunlight to embrace this area while you prepare delicious recipes. 

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So, you don’t have a view of a backyard with a beautiful landscape? No problem. You can create a cozy atmosphere using illumination. (For more ideas about this, read Let there be light: 10 Trends in kitchen lighting

4. Tasteful fabrics for a cozy kitchen 

Why limit the taste only to the dishes we cook? Add cozy textiles or fabrics to your kitchen, such as curtains or roller blinds/shutters on the windows or, perhaps a rug that makes you feel like you’re in a country house. 

Adding different tasteful details that harmonize with the furniture will take your kitchen to the next level. With these simple and foolproof tips, your kitchen will be an area where flavors will be mixed with good taste and warmth, which will make your guests and regular diners give you a 10/10 in your kitchen.  


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