Let there be light: ten trends in kitchen lighting


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Lighting in homes is becoming more and more important. In the case of kitchens, carrying the light conveniently can end a nightmare and become a real miracle. Work in the kitchen and enjoyment of the space can be affected if the proper lighting isn’t used, this depends more on good judgment than on large investments. To help you choose in this regard, we present the 10 current trends so that, before you press the switch, you can say: “Let there be light!”

1.Play with intensity. In a kitchen, different lamps can offer a dimmer light if the space is not being used or a stronger one if it is in full working mode.

2.Include colors. If the decor is minimalist, combine colored lights in certain spaces, like shelves. If you use colors on the walls, the combination of yellow and white lights is ideal.

3.Accentuate work areas. Light up the countertops, the dishwasher area, and the kitchen top. These are important spaces that require white cold lighting.

4.Good lighting is imperceptible. Dichroic lamps built into the wall, ceiling, or floors are an excellent choice to light a space that is not being used.

5.A bit of drama. If you have a large open space you can afford a substantial central lamp in the kitchen.

6.Behind closed doors. Inside pantries, cabinets, and drawers; you can include cold LED luminaires with motion sensors to facilitate the search and organization of any kitchen implements. This recommendation can improve your stay in the kitchen.

7.Smart consumption. The choice of bulbs is vital. These should be cold light and generate low consumption. Downlights are very suitable because, although they are more expensive than halogens, they are longer-lasting and generate less voltaic consumption.

8.An industrial touch. Industrial model lamps, reflectors, and metal screens are the latest trend in decoration.

9.Best for food. Use a light that allows you to see the colors of the food, as this influences the quality of a dish. It’s recommended to use LED light, whose CRI (Color Rendering Index) value is high in kitchen hoods.

10.Beauty is important. Ceiling fixtures and incandescent tubes lacking design can no longer be featured in your kitchen. There are low cost aesthetic options that can, in addition, contribute to the decoration.

So, let yourself play with the lighting and give your kitchen that modern and cozy touch that will renew its decoration.


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