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Small spaces are no longer a valid excuse to not have a good grill. With this in mind, Coyote included a compact and adaptable version of its famous outdoor stoves in its C Series.

With stunning simple lines and high quality materials, the C Series C1C28 model is made of premium quality stainless steel and features hand-welded stainless steel burners, spiders, and components. You will have in your house, or apartment, an artifact made to fulfill the dreams of any barbecue master.

This rotisserie features a double wall cover, and box, with continuous welding with invisible joint edges. It also comes with a stainless steel rack that allows you to keep food warm because it operates with a sophisticated uniform heat distribution system, the famous Coyote’s Heat Control Grids ™.


The other family components

Within the C Series family there are also larger options for those who have ample recreation areas and can even create a special space in the garden to place an entire outdoor kitchen with all its components.

For such spaces, the Coyote C1C36 grill is an excellent alternative. Like the compact version, it has a sober style that perfectly matches any design, and its stainless steel structure makes it weather resistant and easy to clean. It also offers an 875 square inch space for roasting, heating, browning, and cooking. This model features four high-performance I-Burners ™ made entirely of stainless steel.

And if it were not enough, the C1C36 grill, like all of the C Series, comes with interior lighting for outdoor, daytime or nighttime, culinary activities. Likewise, both the C1C36 and C1C28, can be purchased along with accessories such as a roasting kit, steel carts, shelves and drawers in stainless steel, and personalized cover, among other incredible possibilities that this brand, specialized in outdoor kitchens, puts at your disposal.

Then, all you have to do is wish for the meat to be tender and have the recipes on hand to enjoy the true experience of an outdoor kitchen that only a brand like Coyote can provide.


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