4 Signs that your kitchen needs a change  


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The kitchen is the epicenter of our homes, the place where magic happens, and great moments are shared. 

But technology is advancing, and the once modern styles are becoming outdated. That’s why an update of this important area of the home and its components (appliances) every so often is so necessary, not only to revamp it but also to make savings. 

How do you know what you should change? Below we share a list of 4 areas that can give you evident signs that your kitchen needs a renovation. 

  1. High consumption appliances  

Probably, you bought the most modern refrigerator or microwave oven at the time, but the truth is that technology is advancing exponentially, and energy-saving appliances are the norm nowadays. 

This issue about energy savings isn’t a trend. We are talking about being conscious and considering the carbon footprint generated by our homes. With this in mind, brands such as Thermador, Gaggenau, SMEG, Bosch or Liebherr (just to name a few included in our portfolio) are working to offer complete lines of refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers that not only make our lives easier but also consume up to 3 times less than the one you bought years ago. 

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If you want to start changing your kitchen by upgrading the appliances, it is important to pay attention to the labels or check with the seller if you are buying a B, +A, ++A, or +++A appliance, which are the ones that make a difference, not only to the planet but also to your budget at the end of the month. So, think about it. 

  1. Shiny cabinets 

Do you have brightly colored kitchen cabinets with a glossy finish? We’re sorry to tell you this, but your kitchen is out of style. Currently, what’s trending are matte finishes in more neutral and natural tones. 

This shift towards warmer tones and colors that are easier to combine responds to the fact that most kitchens today are often open to other rooms. To integrate the kitchen with the rest of the house, it is important to have decorative elements in common, such as the floor or the color palette, so the cabinets should blend in rather than stand out. (You may be interested in reading 4 Trends that will take over kitchens in 2023). 

  1. Kitchen themed tiles 
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Tiles with kitchen themes were popular in the past, but now it is associated with the old kitchen of our grandmothers. Prints, colors, shapes, and materials have changed for the better, with an emphasis on harmoniously complementing different styles. 

In this sense, interior decorators, and architects today are leaning towards more contemporary materials and neutral colors to create a timeless aesthetic. Cladding in soft tones or a unified design throughout the kitchen, such as Silestone or Neolith, will create a modern and sophisticated look. (You can also read The 4 Trends in kitchen tiles). 

  1. Poor lighting 

Off-trend kitchens often have poor lighting, which gives them a dark or heavy feeling. Today, the balance in this regard is shifting to recessed LED lighting, modern pendant lights, or under-cabinet strip lights for more efficient and versatile lighting. 

The reason? The right lighting will not only improve the aesthetics of your kitchen but also make everyday tasks easier and create a more welcoming atmosphere. 

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Since your kitchen is an important place in your home, keeping it updated and functional is essential for a more enjoyable and efficient cooking experience. If you recognize any of these signs in it, it’s time to give it a makeover and bring it into the 21st century. 


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