Tips to give your kitchen a rustic style 


Giving your kitchen a rustic style is a wonderful way to bring the warmth and authenticity of the countryside into your home. However, finding the right balance between rustic and modern can be a challenge. 

Here are some tips for creating a rustic kitchen that feels fresh, updated, and cozy at the same time. 

5 steps to have a rustic kitchen worthy of a magazine 

1. Mastery of natural materials 

Natural materials are the cornerstone of any rustic kitchen. Wood, stone, and ceramics are ideal choices for creating an authentic and pleasant atmosphere. 

Choose wooden furniture, natural stone countertops, and terracotta floors to create an authentic rustic look. The combination of these materials brings texture and warmth to the space. 

2. A neutral color palette 

Neutral colors such as white, beige, and light gray are perfect for complementing rustic materials in your kitchen. These tones provide a calm, balanced background where natural elements stand out. 

To create contrast, consider using pastel shades such as blues, greens, and yellows in accessories and decorative elements. These details can be provided by choosing appliances in these tones (check out these options by Smeg). 

3. A brick wall 

A brick wall is a signature element in rustic kitchens. If you’re lucky enough to have a brick wall in your kitchen, leave it exposed to add instant rustic charm. 

If you don’t have one, you can use wall coverings that mimic this material to achieve the same effect. Consider painting the brick white for a brighter, more modern feel. 

4. A stylish large extractor hood 

A large, built-in extractor hood is a must-have in a rustic kitchen. This centerpiece not only adds a touch of authenticity but also serves a practical function by keeping the air clean and fresh. 

Choose a ceramic or stone-clad extractor hood for a typical rustic look. Floating extractor hoods are another smart choice because they add a touch of modernism. 

This applies when you have a central island with a cooktop on it. In this sense, the perfect model is Falmec’s Spazio, since this extractor will allow you to put plants and decorative elements on the island, creating a wonderful setting, and adding a touch of sophistication to your rustic kitchen. 

5. A wooden table 

If you want to break the mold, replace the kitchen island with a wooden table to add a touch of warmth and functionality to your rustic kitchen. An untreated natural wood table, with visible grain and a matte finish, evokes the charm of traditional country kitchens. 

This can be combined with rustic freestanding cabinetry, such as cupboards or display cabinets, for a cohesive look. Creating a contemporary rustic kitchen is all about balancing traditional elements with modern ones. With these tips, you can design a cozy, and elegant space that reflects your love for authentic and natural elements. 


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