4 trends that will take over kitchens in 2023


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This year, designers and architectural firms predict that kitchens will exhibit changes that will put many myths to rest and modernize this area of the home. Lacquered cabinets, open multifunctional distributions, new materials, and innovative colors will coexist with the trend toward signature kitchens and sustainability. In other words, a revolution is coming in 2023.

But what are the trends that we’ll see in the coming months? Here we’ll talk about the 4 most important ones.

1- Bye-bye to the work triangle

The once revered kitchen work triangle, a design concept that has been followed by architects and interior designers for decades, has been replaced by a more creative and efficient approach to kitchen design.

At this point, we would like to quote two great statements regarding these trends. The first quote suggests that bigger isn’t necessarily functional (Suzanne Tucker of Tucker & Marks Design), while the second points out that today’s kitchen should be a space for the development of different activities and different cooking styles (Young Huh).

These new concepts not only provide more freedom but also allow a wider range of possibilities in terms of kitchen layout, which according to the experts mentioned above, results in a space that is not only more aesthetically pleasing but also more adapted to the needs of the person who inhabits the same.

2- The glamour of signature kitchens

For quite some time now, fashion has been introduced in the kitchen to add a touch of sophistication to the busiest area of the home. One of the pioneers in this sense has been the brand Smeg, which has brought color and glamour to this room with its alliance with Dolce and Gabbana to create the line of appliances Divina Cucina.

Likewise, the French kitchen furniture manufacturer Schmidt made a very interesting collaboration with the brand Christian Lacroix called Prete moi ta plume, which aimed to add a chic touch to shelves and islands. The result: a unique kitchen, like the ones we’ll see this year.

3- Long live the color green!

The palette of 2023 seems to have become more widespread. According to renowned designers such as Oliver M. Furth, the trend of the year leans towards green shades, lacquering, and bold colors.

In this sense, architect Tom Kligerman endorses the above by talking about the nature-inspired tones that will arrive in our homes this year, while interior designer Sasha Bikoff states that “tones that mimic our favorite ingredients: sage, rosemary, lavender, saffron, and basil,” will be prevalent in the following months.

4- Sustainability above all

In the kitchen of 2023, sustainability will be a must, and green appliances, and fixtures will become the norm. Energy-saving faucets, biodynamic lighting, and energy-efficient appliances will be essential components of a sustainable kitchen, helping to reduce energy consumption, and promoting environmental responsibility.

Also, architects and builders will place greater emphasis on the use of recycled, recyclable, or sustainable materials in all aspects of kitchen design. This could include countertops and cabinets made of bamboo or recycled glass.

Experts predict that what we currently see as “cutting-edge trends” will gradually become the norm as these materials are not only durable and aesthetically pleasing but also require less energy and resources to be produced. Besides, they can be recycled or reused once they have served their purpose, thus reducing waste and helping to preserve natural resources.


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