Why have only one if you can have two Bosch ovens at home?


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The pandemic showed us that the kitchen must be well equipped, so having 2 ovens isn’t crazy, is a must. Of course, the point isn’t to have a crowded kitchen. The idea behind having 2 appliances of this type is that both work in synergy to offer those who live at home better dishes and opportunities to enjoy as a family without making a fuss.


With that in mind, Bosch put together two-speed ovens into the model HBL8743UC from the 800 series. Thus, creating an all in one cooking center with an upper-speed oven and a genuine European convection oven below.


But as if this combination wasn’t enough, this German brand focused on technological solutions for the home, adds to each appliance it manufactures a series of features that’ll turn them into your best ally in today’s modern life. Why do we say that? We’ll explain below.



Different solutions, the same appliance

This 30” combination oven from the 800 series by Bosch comes with a 1.6-cubic-foot speed oven and a 4.6-cubic-foot main oven, which will put a large-capacity all-in-one cooking center into your home. However, the capacity isn’t the only advantage of this appliance.


Manufactured in elegant black stainless steel, this oven will not only be very useful to prepare different dishes at the same time but also add a chic touch to your home since this is an appliance equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a design of sober lines that you can combine with any kitchen aesthetic.


A detail that makes this Bosch appliance unique, is the possibility of monitoring its operation through Home Connect. This app will allow you to check the status of your oven and give you the convenient option to control it remotely. So you can go to the supermarket without worrying about the turkey or stew you’ve in the oven because this app will allow you to turn off the appliance or make any adjustments with just a click from your phone.


An upper-speed oven… and an ally for the kitchen below

La Cuisine Internacional

On the one hand, the combination oven HBL8743UC from the 800 series has an upper-speed oven that can also be used as a microwave. With 10 power levels to quickly reheat leftovers or heat frozen foods, this oven also has 12 automatic programs that include automatic thawing, melting butter, softening ice cream, pizza, etc.


But, it also has 9 sensor cooking programs and 9 SpeedChef® cooking programs. The latter can make your life easier by offering you quick baking.


On the other hand, the oven below offers you the benefits of genuine European convection. So you’ll have the opportunity to prepare different dishes on its multiple racks, obtaining uniform baking results even when the 3 racks are used simultaneously.


This part of the appliance also allows you to keep the food warm, without overcooking it, until it’s time to serve, thanks to the warm mode. The fermentation mode will help you ferment yeast doughs for an even and faster rise for your bread and pizzas. The “closed-door broil” mode will prevent intense heat from escaping the oven, offering rich, even browning on those tender cuts of meat and stews you want to serve to your guests.


And if you’re worried about cleaning the appliance, relax. You can enjoy as much time as you want with your guests because you can select one of its self-cleaning cycles (2, 3 and 4hours) when you finish using the oven.


100% safe

When you have a wall oven you have to take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. As we always mention when it comes to recessed appliances, the same must have air both on the sides and (or, above all) on the back. This will keep the appliance ventilated, ensuring that the engine doesn’t get too hot.


It’s worth mentioning that the oven HBL8743UC from the 800 series by Bosch has a panel lock feature that helps you optimize safety in your kitchen, as it prevents accidentally turning on the equipment or its unsupervised operation.


Both ovens have interior lighting which will allow you to monitor the progress of your cooking, plus large windows that’ll offer you the necessary visibility to know if the temperature you chose is the right one.


So, why settle for one Bosch oven, if you can have two with the model HBL8743UC from the 800 series?


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