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The saying goes “new year, new life” and, we tend to use it always in January, when the industry outlines the trends that will govern every area of our lives, from fashion to decoration, sports, and types of work, nothing escapes this renewal.

This is how manufacturers and designers are betting to set the tone and dominate the market. In the home, the kitchen is a fundamental focus of these trends, because family life develops around the warmth of a good table.

In this sense, experts say that the kitchen of 2023 will be sophisticated, smart, sustainable, and highly customized. The goal is to transform this space into more than just a meeting place to maximize enjoyment in it and facilitate work, but always hand in hand with the latest technologies.


Back to basics

As a result, materials are reinvented, and spaces are reorganized. Topics such as lighting, colors, appliances, and decorations are analyzed in a new light.

But don’t be concerned about it, if you are not planning to fully renovate your kitchen or you’re not buying a new apartment; you can use the information here to make changes that will allow you to keep up with market trends.

The first thing to talk about is style and materials. What’s classic never goes out of style, and this year will be no exception. In the kitchen, the classic element comes to reinvent the use of wood as the star material. But we are not talking about a rustic style, on the contrary, it is wood worked in an elegant way and with sleek decorative lines.

The natural color of the wood will be the protagonist, opening the door to the use of other materials that complement it, for example, synthesized stones and/or porcelain tiles created with natural elements. These will add durability, versatility, and modernism to your kitchen. If you read between the lines, this trend means that stainless steel won’t be used as much.


Back to minimalism


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A minimalist style always looks good, and in terms of kitchens, the sense of modernism will be expressed through clean-lined, and simple designs. That’s how space wins over functionality.

In 2023, the typical kitchen work triangle will disappear, to become islands where all activities and relationships are centered since the kitchen is emerging as the ideal space to spend time with others.

In the kitchen of 2023, cabinets will play a key role. Their shapes will be simplified, and we will start to store the appliances in them when we are not using them. The idea is that furniture and accessory areas will facilitate storage, cleaning, and organization tasks within kitchens.



Let there be light, color, and chic details


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Another focal point of this year’s trends is lighting. The objective is no longer to have appropriate lighting for cooking, but also to create differentiated spaces, generate feelings, and help us focus on the tasks at hand.

In other words, the typical chandelier hanging over the kitchen won’t be enough. The trend asks for the integration of the functional aspect with the aesthetic one, and the recommendation will lean toward LED lamps, which are more environmentally friendly.

How can you adapt your kitchen to the trends? As we said, if you don’t plan to renovate, you can make simple changes to improve your kitchen.

Let’s begin with the colors. This 2023 comes full of bright colors and high-contrast combinations, both for walls and furniture. This creates volume and differentiates spaces.

The most daring individuals bet on black for kitchen details such as fittings and even some furniture. You can combine it with avant-garde appliances because the trend of smart kitchens will be accentuated during 2023.

Controlling everything that happens in your kitchen through any mobile device will continue to set the standard, as well as anything you can implement to reduce your impact on the environment. Reducing water usage, energy-efficient appliances, and recycling will never go out of style.

And if you can indulge yourself, the chic trend of 2023 will be signature kitchens. Many manufacturers are turning to fashion houses, vineyards, or renowned artists to design their products. So, you will continue to see how other manufacturers will follow the example of Smeg’s long-standing collaborations with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Veuve de Clicquot.


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