Thermador T36IT903NP: the ultimate advantage this Thanksgiving  


Thermador’s T36IT903NP refrigerator is the embodiment of elegance and technology in the kitchen. This impressive appliance not only offers exceptional design but also incorporates state-of-the-art features that make life in this area of the home more comfortable and efficient. 

This Thermador appliance offers a great advantage, especially during this season when kitchen storage space is critical: large capacity. With 19 cubic feet, this is the ideal appliance for a medium-sized family or a couple that loves hosting. 

The space you need this Holiday season 

With the Holidays in mind, Thermador’s T36IT903NP provides enough storage space for everything you’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving, plus all the leftovers you’ll need to store after the celebrations. From turkey to side dishes and desserts, this refrigerator has plenty of room to keep your holiday treats fresh. 

The upper part of the unit has 6 height-adjustable gallon bins in both doors for bottles, cans, groceries, or medium-sized containers, while the inside offers a total of 5 wide storage shelves including vegetable and fruit drawers. The shelving system of this refrigerator has been specifically designed to perfectly accommodate all groceries and make access easier. 

As for the lower part of the appliance reserved for frozen food, the same includes a tray for ice storage and enough space to keep that turkey you plan to prepare for your family. 

Wi-Fi temperature control 

Thermador’s T36IT903NP refrigerator is not just an appliance, it’s a Wi-Fi-connected device. This allows you to control the temperature of your refrigerator remotely and receive notifications if the door is ever left open, thanks to the Home Connect app. 

This equipment is also compatible with smart devices and services such as Amazon’s Alexa. This connectivity gives you full control over the status of your refrigerator and allows you to make adjustments even when you’re not at home. 

Theater-style LED lighting 

Lighting in a refrigerator is essential for finding what you need without delay. This appliance comes with theater-style lighting, which distributes light evenly throughout the interior. 

This ensures optimal visibility without hot areas that can affect the quality of your food. Every time you open the door, you’ll feel like you’re performing on stage in your kitchen. 

Superb elegance 

The Freedom Hinge is an exceptional feature included in this refrigerator. The same allows full recessed installation with your kitchen panels, which means you can customize the panels to perfectly match the surrounding cabinetry. This creates seamless integration and design that fits any kitchen style. 

Energy Star Certification    

Energy efficiency is an important consideration in any appliance. The T36IT903NP refrigerator is Energy Star certified, which means it meets rigorous energy efficiency standards. This model helps you save money on your energy bills and also reduces your carbon footprint. 

The Thermador T36IT903NP refrigerator is a perfect combination of sleek design and advanced technology. Its Wi-Fi capabilities, theater-style lighting, sleek design with Freedom Hinge, Energy Star certification, and wide storage space for your delicious Holiday treats make it a worthy investment. 

This Thermador appliance improves the functionality of your kitchen, while being the best ally for every moment and much more with the Holiday season just around the corner. What are you waiting for to make your life easier? 


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