Some tips from interior designers that will transform your kitchen 


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As the year comes to an end, there’s a desire to renovate and give a makeover to our spaces in the air. And the first area of the home to be on the list is none other than the kitchen. 

Being one of the most important places in the house, the kitchen often becomes the center of celebrations and family gatherings during the holidays, and that’s why we want to improve, expand, and equip it as best as possible. With that in mind, we’ve gathered some tips from interior designers to help you design a kitchen that’s ready for the holidays that welcome 2024. 

Designing the perfect kitchen is an expensive project, but if we focus on making sure it is well-planned and functional, the investment will be worth it. Although each kitchen is customized according to individual needs, these golden rules will ensure that this room is a space where beauty and comfort coexist in harmony. 

1. Identify your needs based on your space 

The first step in designing your kitchen is to determine how you plan to use the space. Do you want a closed kitchen focused on culinary work? or an open kitchen that encourages interaction with family and guests during the holidays? 

Different kitchen layouts such as the single-wall kitchen, the L-shape, the U-shape, the kitchen with island, and the galley kitchen suit different needs. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and space, and also consider how it will work during the holidays. 


2. Give each activity its own space 

Divide your kitchen into functional zones: such as areas for food preparation, food and utensil storage, and the wet area with the sink and dishwasher. Use cabinets to organize utensils and consider integrating a pantry to store cooking supplies and food. 

This will help you keep your kitchen organized and ready to receive your guests. 

3. Set up your sacred “triangle” 

The work triangle connects the three most important areas of the kitchen: the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. Make sure this area is free of obstacles and that the distance between each zone is between 1 and 2 meters. 

This facilitates efficiency in terms of cooking, cleaning, and food preparation, especially during the holidays. 

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4. Think of everything, even where the dust will fall 

Plan the location of appliances such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, extractor hood, and water filter. Make sure appliance doors do not obstruct the flow of movement in the kitchen, which will make it easier to prepare meals and allow movement around the space. 

5. Organization as a priority 

Improve the efficiency of your kitchen with modular accessories, such as cutlery organizers, pull-out baskets, and tall units. These items will help keep your kitchen organized and ready to entertain family and friends all year long. 

6. Lighting creates ambience 

Proper lighting is essential, especially during the holidays. Combine general lighting with ceiling-mounted and pendant lights to create a cozy environment. Make sure there is lighting over the cooktop and use LED strip lights under cabinets to illuminate countertops as you prepare holiday treats. 

With these tips from interior designers, you’ll be able to create the kitchen you want to welcome 2024 with style and functionality. Designing the perfect kitchen not only involves considering your daily lifestyle, but also how it will accommodate holidays and family gatherings. 


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