Falmec Lumen Isola 175: Design and elegance in your kitchen  


The Falmec Lumen Isola 175 extractor hood is a perfect example of how an appliance can combine beauty and functionality. In this day and age when kitchen design is not just about choosing the right appliance, but about integrating pieces that are both functional and aesthetically stunning, this extractor hood is simply a godsend for architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike. 

But, aside from beauty and sophistication, what else can this Falmec equipment offer you? Here, we tell you about it. 

Durability and elegance 

The Scotch-Brite (AISI 304) stainless steel used in the manufacture of the Falmec Lumen Isola 175 creates an elegant look while ensuring durability and resistance to stains and corrosion. This material is known for its ability to maintain its original luster over time, making it a durable and sophisticated addition to your kitchen. 

Beautiful and functional 

Perimeter extraction is an essential feature of this Falmec appliance. Instead of relying on a single extraction opening, this extractor hood is designed to draw air along its entire perimeter. 

This provides greater efficiency by capturing smoke and odors evenly, regardless of where they originate in the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen stays cleaner and free of unwanted odors. 

Easy to operate and discreet 

The electronic control of this extractor hood allows for precise operation, so you can adjust the extraction speed gradually according to your needs, which is essential when cooking dishes that generate different amounts of smoke and steam. 

In addition, the quiet operation ensures that the appliance is not a distraction in your culinary space. 

Say goodbye to cooking in the dark 

The Falmec Lumen Isola 175 is equipped with LED lighting that adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen and provides bright and efficient illumination. This is ideal for illuminating your cooking area and enhancing the look of your kitchen. 

Grease and carbon filters 

This equipment includes a metal grease filter which is essential to maintain the efficiency of the extractor. The filter is easily removable and washable, facilitating the cleaning and maintenance of the extractor hood in optimal conditions. 

And for those who want to take air purification a step further, this kitchen extractor hood offers the option of an activated carbon filter. This filter is effective at eliminating lingering odors, making it ideal for kitchens that are not connected to the exterior. It gives you the peace of mind to enjoy a fresh, odor-free kitchen. 

In short, its durable design, perimeter vacuum, electronic control, LED lighting, and filtering options make it a valuable choice for any kitchen. Falmec’s Lumen Isola 175 will not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen but also add a touch of elegance that will take this space to the next level. 


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