Top 6 tips to organize your kitchen for the holidays  


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Making sure your kitchen is tidy is essential to manage your home efficiently, especially as holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. Your kitchen is the heart of those celebrations, and having everything in its place will make cooking and hosting a joyful affair. 

Besides, keeping an organized kitchen is a long-term investment both regarding the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of your home. These 6 golden rules, developed by experts, are designed to help you organize your kitchen, make the most of your space, and prepare for the holidays and beyond. 

1. Getting rid of old things 

Before beginning to organize, you must do a thorough review of the countertops and pantry. In many kitchens, dry goods, spices, sauces, and other foods that have expired accumulate there. 

You should throw these items away, as they not only take up valuable space but also contribute to waste. This initial purge paves the way for a more spacious and sustainable kitchen. 

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2. Assign a place for everything 

No more moving the blender or toaster from side to side around the kitchen. In an organized kitchen every utensil, appliance, and accessory have a specific place. 

Create specific areas for tasks such as food preparation, eating meals, and utensil storage. This will make it easier to find what you need and keep work surfaces clear, which is essential when cooking for the holidays. 

3. Avoid duplication and single-use items 

In the kitchen, it is common to accumulate duplicates of utensils and tools, but that contributes to clutter. Go through your utensil collection and donate or recycle the duplicates and those items that you rarely use. 

This will help you to free up space so you can purchase those items that you need and haven’t bought because you didn’t have enough space to store them.  

4. Maximize storage space 

Storage space in the kitchen isn’t always a priority. Add additional shelves in cabinets to create more vertical space. Consider using the inside of doors to hang utensils and spices. 

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5. Functionality over aesthetics 

While putting decorations on your kitchen countertop is a plus in terms of aesthetics, you must prioritize functionality. Avoid cluttering the countertops, as interior designers suggest only using designer appliances and utensils. 

This adds sophistication to the room, makes work easier, and keeps the kitchen free. 

6. Don’t overdo the decoration 

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We get so excited at Thanksgiving and Christmas that we want to decorate everything with holiday motifs. The experts’ advice in this case is to never overdo it. 

Take the opportunity to use essential elements of your kitchen as decorative elements so you don’t have to work extra later on when the holidays are over. 

Put something discreet and tasteful on your open shelves next to the plates and bowls, and if you already have pots and pans hanging as decoration, add a small seasonal detail between them, without exaggerating. 

Organizing your kitchen not only makes the upcoming holiday activities easier but also creates a functional and attractive space for the future. A well-organized kitchen is an asset to any home, as it improves efficiency and aesthetics. Remember that a kitchen is worth more for its function and the moments spent in it than for its appearance. 


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