Thermador: Awarded for Quality and Innovation

Thermador is celebrating its one hundred year Anniversary in 2016 and the experts continue to recognize the brand as one of the most creative in the home appliance industry. Their countless innovations are legendary.


The first built-in oven and kitchen were created by Thermador in 1947. Stainless steel was introduced as a new material in home appliances in that same year, and in the following year the Pro Range line appeared as well as other creations such as heated warming drawers, fast cooking ovens, sealed gas burners and ventilation systems, etc. These and many other later innovations are proof of the importance of the Thermador brand for the home kitchen universe.

Thermador – winner of many design awards

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Thermador has been the winner of several industry innovation awards. They have won many Good Design Awards that are proof of the brand’s excellence with products that excel such as high performance dishwashers, mirrored glass induction cooktops, the iconic Star Burner, built-in masterpiece and professional ovens, their collection of pre-assembled fully integrated modular refrigeration, etc.

The innovation awards are proof of Thermador’s quality, design and attention to detail for all kitchens. Whether it’s a refrigerator, a dishwasher, range or a kitchen hood, Thermador always has efficient and complete options available for the home cook.

“Real innovations for real cooks”


Thermador has established that slogan on their website, where you can see all their available products that speak for themselves about the “revolutionary” advances in the home appliance industry.  “The passion about cooking inspires us, it lights the imaginary flame, and goes beyond the ordinary”.

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