Renovating your kitchen. 10 useful tips


Renovating an area in your home doesn’t necessarily entail a complete transformation or major investment. At LCI, we believe that even the slightest change can create a different ambiance – bringing family and friends closer together. Here are a few tips to give your kitchen space a new look on a tight budget:

1.Conveying a warm welcome in your kitchen can be easily expressed with natural light. Sometimes it is as simple as revamping a window and changing its frame, glass, or selecting the right curtain favoring the sunlight.

2.Illuminating an appliance or area can spotlight your favorite part of the kitchen. With ceiling lights, you can easily flaunt your tabletop, range, or refrigerator.

3.Restoring one surface to display a trendier look. You can choose between new flooring, granite countertops, and maybe just renovating one of the walls. If you want to deal with the subject without making a huge investment you will find that the walls can be renewed with simple and low-cost options that will improve the total look of the space.

4.Changing the color scheme of your kitchen can give it a new personality. Whether you use neutral or dark tones, paint magically transforms a space entirely. Consider what colors are in trend and see which best compliments your furnishings.

5.White is a color that will always project elegance, pulchritude, and -believe or not- it makes your space look larger. If your furniture has a different color and you don’t feel like replacing them, then try painting all the walls white, even the areas featuring tiles –you can find special paint to cover these surfaces-. You can also consider adding decorating and functional objects in the same color. Minimalism fans may find in white a color that favors the balance and harmony of the space.




6.It is wise to choose a small number of colors. Too many shades would make the space look saturated, which can result in an uncomfortable feeling. Make sure your kitchen looks color balanced so that it becomes an inviting space to be in.

7.Inviting art into your kitchen opens the door to limitless opportunities. Whether your style is modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary or even country – a piece of art on a wall or décor on your countertop can really spice up the area.

8.Kitchen backsplashes no longer simply protect walls from spills and splatters. Adding or renovating your backsplash can reform the setting. With so many options from bricks to wood paneling, or tile to metal, this modification has become a huge craze.

9.Consider cleaning and retouching the grout between tiles. Although this may seem minor to most, restoring this detail can make a world of a difference.

10.To make a nice visual statement, changing the knobs and pulls from your kitchen cabinet is easy and inexpensive. With the wide range of styles, find one to compliment your countertops and fixtures.


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