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Blloku Cube, popularly known as the golden cube, is a seven-story building with an intricate facade formed by three-dimensional aluminum triangles that will work just as a sunscreen to offer shade to its walls. This wonder of modern architecture designed by the Milanese architect Stefano Boeri Architetti, is already under construction in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Known for his work that harmoniously combines urbanism and architecture, Boeri became famous thanks to Vertical Forest, a sustainable residential building located in the neighborhood of Isola in central Milan. This wonderful green building has 800 trees (each of them between 3, 6 and 9 meters), 4,500 bushes, and 15,000 plants of a wide variety that are distributed according to the sun exposure of the facade.

This unique building that is being built in the heart of Blloku, one of the most prestigious districts of Tirana, is the result of his fascination with microclimates and taking advantage of light. The district is very important in the city because it became the neuralgic center of the city’s life in the post-communist era, thanks to the proliferation of the facilities, shops, bars, and restaurants that surround it.


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Without forgetting the green factor

According to estimates, the Blloku Cube will be a cube-shaped building with a square main floor that will measure approximately 30 meters by 30 meters. The two lower floors of the 1,116-square-foot building will include a shopping center, with five floors of offices above.

Following his love for what is green, the Italian architect decided to crown this building with a garden on the roof, along with a restaurant and a great view of the city.

On the other hand, the façade will be custom-made and will cover all office floors, as well as the top level of sales. The images used to present the Blloku Cube portray a construction full of golden triangles, but -as its creator explains- it’s important to remember that this tone results from the reflection of sunlight from different angles.

Thermal efficiency, skin after skin

Although the most striking aspect of the Golden Cube is its aluminum coating, which is only the epidermis of the construction. The Blloku Cube has a “first skin” made of a curtain wall, an uninterrupted glass facade that provides adequate insulation to the building in terms of energy and acoustic efficiency.

What can be seen in plain sight is the “second skin” which is made of a sophisticated technological shielding system of anodized aluminum. This shield is achieved with small metal candles that form the facade and are specifically oriented to filter sunlight and offer optimal natural lighting on the inside.

In addition to the Blloku Cube, Stefano Boeri Architetti is working on three new schools for Tirana with a team installed in the Albanian capital. These schools will be open 24 hours a day and work as community centers.


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