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The blast chiller is the big secret of haute cuisine that Irinox wished to put in your hands through Freddy, the first professional home chiller. And you must be wondering why are blast chillers so important in the kitchen? The answer is simple.

Blast chillers guarantee the safety and perfect preservation of food. This means that they maintain all their properties, just as if they were freshly harvested or cooked. This is more than just a simple appliance. It’s a technology that has revolutionized the preparation of food and whose use – until a few years ago – was a great secret that chefs kept very well guarded.

Hot and cold

With Freddy, Irinox answers the prayers of those who like to enjoy gourmet food at home. But the brand wanted to add a plus to this new appliance, and therefore, aside from being an equipment for accelerated cooling and freezing impact, Freddy also allows cooking at low temperature or regenerate foods prepared in advance.

This means that yes, you can keep the quality and properties of your food intact, but even what is “reheated” will have other dimensions, because wonderful functions will allow you to enjoy again that dish you prepared yesterday, as if it was freshly prepared.

The low-temperature cooking option not only maintains the right consistency but also enhances the flavors. So meat and fish will be cooked evenly in it and at a temperature of only + 70º C.


La Cuisine International


The verbs conjugated in Freddy

• Cool and freeze. Freddy’s accelerated cooling function can reduce the temperature of freshly cooked foods to + 3 ° C. That way it not only prevents the proliferation of bacteria but also preserves the organoleptic properties of the food, tripling its duration. On the other hand, the high impact freezing cycle (-18ºC) allows food to be stored for longer periods (6-18 months), which will undoubtedly mean great savings.
• Refresh. Cooling drinks is another of the qualities included in Freddy. That wine that you cannot wait to try can be refreshed in minutes because this blast chiller can lower its temperature at a rate of 1ºC per minute. But that is not all. You can also make ice in just 20 minutes.
• Defrost. Defrosting food quickly is another great function of Freddy. As it happens with cooking, the defrosting process takes place uniformly, which keeps food fresh and tasty, as if it had never been frozen.
• Preserve. Freddy allows you to preserve any food just by choosing the ideal temperature (-20ºC to + 65ºC). This will allow you to enjoy that ice cream that you like so much because it will be at the precise point needed, and not turned into a block of ice.
Cooking like a chef has its science, but you can trust us, with Freddy as an ally, it will be much easier.


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