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Do you dream of a perfect kitchen? As incredible as it may seem, making a dream a reality isn’t too complicated.

In fact, you can easily achieve your goal following 10 key steps. So take note and follow the recommendations that we offer below one by one:

1. Take advantage of your surroundings. It’s easier to take advantage of what you have, than to fight against it. So, study the space available for the kitchen and find its main characteristic in order to design based on that. A window with a beautiful view, a rectangular space, very small measurements – or very large ones – can be the starting point to build a unique kitchen that makes the most of its qualities.

2. Define a style. Coherence must be the main course of the kitchen. For that precise reason, it’s necessary to define a style that agrees with your tastes and personality in order to decorate and equip your kitchen. Minimalist, rococo, technological, or retro. Fashion establishes multiple trends, but the most important thing is that it fits the tastes and needs of users.

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3. Plenty of light. Something that cannot be limited in the kitchen is the lighting. Inside or outside the cabinets, recessed or with a big lamp as the protagonist, light is really important. But always conside light is really importantring the intensity. Having many sources of light of high intensity can turn a warm kitchen into a cold laboratory.

4. Play with color. Either in focal points -like in household appliances- in walls, using contrasts or in gradient, a kitchen can acquire personality according to the colors that are used and the way in which they are combined. Kitchens that are all in white can be brought back to life with subtle tones that can even be seen in beautiful copper pots. Color, just like heat, cannot be absent.

5. Order first. Storage in the kitchen is of the utmost importance, since keeping all the implements and ingredients in order to facilitate all the work depends on it. Having the maximum storage space and organizers to optimize the same can take the kitchen to a Michelin level.

6. Disruption on demand. Boredom? That is a forbidden word in the kitchen. That’s why you cannot forget to include an original decorative element in it. A few examples would be a fridge by Smeg, an artistic Faber hood, a striking painting or a countertop in a contrasting color.

La Cuisine International

7. Offer technology. State-of-the-art appliances, flat screens to watch TV, Wi-Fi connection, docks for the Tablet, air conditioning, LED lights, many electrical outlets, induction plates… all these elements welcome a high-tech kitchen.

8. Let yourself be seen. Kitchens that are integrated to the rest of the house are the latest design trend. No closed doors, if you need to isolate the space, and in any case, the best option is a glass door or a screen.

9. The natural way. Textures and natural elements must be present in the kitchen. Small plants, wooden utensils, baskets or chairs made of natural fibers can give the kitchen a lot of freshness and timelessness.

10. Timeless countertop. A smart investment that will certainly save you from having many headaches, is a countertop made of a material of the highest quality. Granite, Silestone, marble or well-cured wood can be kept in your kitchen for many years regardless of fashion.

Dare to renovate or build an unparalleled kitchen that invites everyone to enjoy unforgettable moments.


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