The five pillars of architecture for 2019


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The pillars on which architecture is built on 2019, and probably in the following years, aim at sustainable constructions that are minimalistic, environmentally friendly and, as always, beautiful.

Technology will take over the interior spaces of the constructions to produce intelligent homes that adapt to the needs of the new generations. This is about the evolution of architecture, which is being increasingly humanized by responding more specifically to the requirements of the users.

Suppliers of materials will have to reinvent themselves from now on to offer materials that are natural, with lower environmental impact, lower cost of installation, maintenance and a longer replacement time. So, following are the 5 pillars that will support architecture the rest of the year.

1. Millennials at home

New houses will be built especially for millennials. This demanding segment that is already old enough to stop living with their parents, looks for homes with very particular characteristics.

Millennials need houses with the minimum space requirements, but versatile enough to change the layout and use of interior spaces. These homes must have a place designed to work -since teleworking is increasingly becoming a trend- with minimum cleaning and maintenance requirements and all the facilities available at just a bike ride away .

2. Good vibes

The energy sources of the architectural works developed in 2019 will be characterized mostly by being non-polluting and preferably self-sustaining. Solar energy and biomass, aside from taking advantage of the natural resources of the environment to obtain more illumination or heat, are priorities in the current forecast.

Thus, the passivehouse will be the most valued, extending the influence and importance of this certification around the world.


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3. All-in-one

Integrated spaces are a trend that is sticking around because it allows users to mark their own limits in terms of the use of their spaces, or dominate them all, without having to move a lot. Therefore, open kitchens that integrate with the dining room or living room or a loft that integrates all the functions of the apartment in the same space are quite attractive.

Then, the secret is already in the hands of the interior designer, who will have the challenge of setting subtle borderlines with functional objects that allow that Millennial consumer to change everything from one moment to another, keeping the air of sophistication that was created for the place.

4. The new main characters

In the new houses the new protagonists are the kitchen and the bathroom. Both spaces claim a larger size and a much more functional and sophisticated design.

When it comes to kitchens, with the integration of Domotics, they become an operation center that can keep the home afloat even remotely, aside from the fact that you must brag about your appliances with bold and elegant designs. As a result, social gatherings will revolve around the stoves, and the space, lighting as well as decoration of the kitchen become more valuable.

The bathroom, it’s another thing. Users are increasingly aware of their needs for rest, relaxation and grooming, so the bathrooms mutate into small spas where people will want to stay longer. Massage showers, good lighting, temperature control, a warm, and relaxing decoration and larger storage space will ask for more time to be dedicated to their planning and design.

5. Coatings and prints

Paint companies have been in trouble for a while and this will be evident in the new constructions. Aiming at sustainability, the use of truly durable and long-lasting materials is one of the strongest trends in architecture.

The exterior coatings and laminates for walls and floors are certainly the great trend of 2019. This is complemented by the industrial style that leans towards minimalism, but with the presence of natural fibers and metals. Thus, vinyl laminates that resemble wood or polished cement are a great option not only for new works but for the renovation and modernization of existing buildings.


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