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The name of Federica Molini has already become famous in Miami, thanks to Arte Bohème, a project where she has devoted all her passion with her husband as counterpart. Who doesn’t want a house with the same charm and style as those portrayed in magazines? Well, Federica knows well how to do it without magic wands, and her clients attest to that.

The Venezuelan majored in Art History at Florida International University (FIU) and expanded her training at Broward College (Florida) along artist Teresa Diehl, in the area of black and white film photography. But the passion for interior design began as a hobby.

-I began to document my projects at home. So, what was a hobby became my passion. I love to combine textures, colors and earth elements (wood) in a harmonious way.

La Cuisine InternationalShe says that, at the beginning, her family and friends were the ones who encouraged her to turn her skill with colors, artifacts, and textures into a business. Little by little and around 2016, she allowed her personal aesthetics to become what everyone knows today as Arte Bohème.

La Cuisine International

How what’s modern and what’s vintage become “cozy”

Her work and good taste applied to the spaces of beautiful houses in the United States began to earn reputation and soon the media became interested in what the style of Arte Bohème could say. That is how Luxe.Daily, Bohemian Home Magazine, Casavogue, Hunker, among other prestigious magazines, gave her the well deserved credit to become one of the most popular interior decorators in Miami.

A lover of art and textures, Federica Molini bets on the incorporation of antiques and its combination with modern items on many of her proposals, since she believes in their absolute coexistence.

-I like spaces that feel warm, not cold, and based on my experience and opinion, the combination of both designs is important in order to achieve this.

Away from the trends, the style that Arte Bohème puts into her proposals focuses on evolving within her own style. “I challenge myself with each work. I love mixing Mid Century with classic pieces and antiques,” she explains.

La Cuisine International

The kitchen: the king of the home

Today, kitchens have gained a lot of weight in the home. All this trend about open kitchens and their integration into the living room has given a different role to a space that once was only used for cooking.

In this regard, Molini believes that the kitchen is as important as any other space in the house and the details included in the same must be very special. “I consider this space so important that it is the first thing I’m decorating in my new house. And when it comes to my family, all the gatherings ALWAYS end up in the kitchen, and the same happens in my house so far.”

In relation to the trend to integrate the appliances into the decoration of the kitchen, which is the reason why many brands work on their designs, Molini states that, mixing design and functionality, is the goal in today’s kitchen.

-That is why the combination of the brand Smeg and the industrial style in the kitchen is fascinating. Two years ago, I began to simplify my life and now, I prefer to resort to old forms of the kitchen. I focus more on adding wooden elements to make the kitchen feel warmer and include small details such as ceramic pots, jute baskets, etc.

When asked about what the keys are to create the perfect kitchen, Molini immediately responds “for the kitchen to feel as cozy as the rest of the house.” In her opinion, making the kitchen cozy is the secret and for that purpose, natural light and even plants that require little light are very helpful.

For this interior decorator, recreating that feeling of harmony and comfort in a space is a quest worth pursuing without setting boundaries for yourself. “Posters, oil paintings, acrylics, serigraphs, art, and its different manifestations are always welcome in a design that seeks to generate a feeling of warmth and balance. In my previous kitchen -which had a Mid Century design- I had a Modigliani poster whose shades combined with the kitchen that was yellow, blue, and wood.”

So, Molini believes that in pursuit of harmony, it is worth using resources that, although are quite unusual, can create a pleasing aesthetic that invites you to share with others in the space that is the king of the home.


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