Reasons why white is NOT always a good choice in the kitchen   


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When we think about designing or renovating our kitchen, the default choice is usually white. And yes, we think of it because it is a color that looks great with almost everything and is easy to use when it comes to creating contrast, but… this is the part where you should read carefully. 

Although this color has its benefits, it is important to know its disadvantages and explore other options that can add more warmth, personality, and charm to this key space of your home. We invite you to delve a little deeper into this article and let us know your decision after reading it. 

The disadvantages of white in the kitchen 

This color certainly has its charms: it visually expands the space, blends easily with other colors and accessories, and brings a sense of brightness. However, some challenges come with this hue that you should consider before allowing it to take over your kitchen. 

First, dirt is more evident in an all-white kitchen, which can affect elegance and portray a lack of warmth. In addition, with prolonged exposure to the sun, white tends to discolor and lose its initial luster, requiring extreme care to maintain its flawless appearance. 

Also, white by itself lacks grace or charm. This means that you should add details of all kinds (pictures, plants, lamps, textures, etc.) so that your kitchen does not look impersonal or cold. 

What about including other colors? 

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Break away from the monotony of white and add warmth and character to your kitchen by exploring other options in terms of colors and materials. A splash of color can transform the ambiance and make your kitchen more inviting and unique. 

In this regard, famous designer Oliver M. Furth, recently stated in a decoration magazine that the all-white kitchen is outdated. Furth, known for loving innovation, recommended looking for bold tones. “Include one or two strong tones in your kitchen to add depth and interest.” 

For his part, famed interior designer Ken Fulk, also acknowledged that white kitchens received a “death sentence”. Leaning towards designing interior spaces with glossy surfaces, Fulk emphasizes that lacquer is a great way to allow powerful colors to become alive in the kitchen. He admits that his secret weapon is to take the cabinets to an automotive paint shop for a flawless finish. 

A very interesting idea, don’t you think? 

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Less rigorous maintenance 

As we said before, one of the problems with white is that direct sunlight can negatively affect it, making it lose its vitality over time. So, opting for warmer colors can be a solution to maintain the freshness and liveliness of your kitchen. 

Also, by choosing shades other than white, the visibility of minor bumps, dents, or scratches can be reduced, making maintenance less rigorous and easier to handle. 

Define spaces with color 

However, if you absolutely love white, don’t give it up completely. Combine this bright tone with the warmth of wood. Introduce touches of wood in your furniture, countertops, or accessories to achieve a kitchen with more charm and character. 

On the other hand, if you have an open-concept kitchen, white can make everything look like one single area. To avoid this, introduce strategic color accents to visually define different areas. You can experiment with vibrant colors on the kitchen island or walls to create contrast and personality. 

Challenging the tendency to use white in the kitchen allows you to explore a variety of colors and materials that can transform this space into something truly unique. Whether it’s introducing vibrant colors, combining white with wood, or defining areas with touches of color, there are endless possibilities to make your kitchen reflect your style and personality. Dare to step out of the comfort zone of white and give your kitchen the distinctive touch it deserves! 


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