6 Decorating styles that will transform your kitchen   


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Thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover? Here are six decorating styles that will set trends and turn this space in your home into a place worthy of a magazine. 

Kitchens, for quite some time, have ceased to be just the place where meals are prepared, to become a corner for socializing and sharing family moments. Giving them a special decoration is essential, and a full renovation is not always necessary. 

With the right furniture, a coat of paint, and functional appliances, you can completely transform it. So, this time we will talk about 6 decorating styles that you can use to give your space the change you want. 

1. Japandi trend: minimalism with Asian touches 

The Japandi trend fuses the minimalism of Asian natural aesthetics with the simplicity of Nordic decoration. Basically, they are spaces with a neat order, a few accessories, and neutral tones. 

In this style, natural stone finishes are often mixed with wood. 

2. Kitsch trend: a touch of extravagance 

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Here we are at the opposite extreme of minimalism. The kitsch style embraces color, prints, and textures without rules. 

It is more than a decorative trend; it is an attitude. Perfect for those looking for an extravagant touch that revives the retro and vintage vibes. 

3. Nordic Minimalism: sophistication and elegance 

It originates from countries such as Sweden and Denmark. This style is characterized by the use of white and a clean design that portrays sophistication. 

You can incorporate industrial touches through metallic details or appliances. 

4. Rustic aesthetics: warmth and tradition 

The rustic aesthetic emanates warmth through materials such as wood and terracotta. It can be subtly integrated with wicker or esparto. 

Stone or exposed brick surfaces create a cozy atmosphere. 

5. Cottage style: inspired by the English countryside 


Reminiscent of English cottages, the cottage style is highlighted by soft colors and details. Brass handles, ceramic elements, and long ceiling lights are key to this fresh, detailed aesthetic. 

6. Industrial style: modernism with industrial touches 

An ode to modernism, the industrial style retains elements of industry such as bricks, pipes, and beams. Black, stainless steel, and metal predominate, creating an elegant ambiance. Inspired by New York lofts, this style is here to stay. 

Discover which of these styles best suits your taste and personality. Renew your kitchen with a fresh and creative approach to make this space unique and welcoming, make your kitchen reflect your lifestyle, and make a difference in your home! 


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