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Maximalism is the name of the new trend that seems to want to replace minimalism. Since the 90s, caution when it comes to the details has been the mantra in homes everywhere, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the style that seems to end the empire of simplicity suggests the opposite.


Perhaps it was the pandemic that awakened the nostalgia for the retro style, and a more accentuated taste for vintage, or the memory of those times when we were happy and didn’t realize it may explain this trend for maximalism that many decorators are experiencing.


Contrary to minimalism and its clean, simple, and very Zen aesthetics, maximalism or maximalist decoration is characterized by spaces overloaded with different colors and textures forming a striking and even over-the-top decoration. In this regard, Beatriz Sanchez, creative director of Dosde, a well-known studio of Spanish architects and interior designers, told a decoration magazine that one of the main characteristics of maximalist decoration is not adapting to any fixed idea.


“Everything adds up: colors, textures, and shapes. But everything with coherence. It’s not about placing objects randomly, but choosing the best fit for the space,” Sánchez explains. Likewise, the director of Dosde added that maximalism seeks to bring life into a space like a kitchen, adapting it to the new reality.


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The focal points of this trend

Just as minimalism in the kitchen is characterized by flat colors, wood, or metal elements, and the lack or absence of objects on the countertops or clean walls, maximalism represents the opposite.


Walls full of decorative accessories of different colors with the same texture or pattern, plus colored tiles in specific areas, and the combination of materials (marble countertops and wood on the island) are some distinctive characteristics of this style.


This trend, which could be talking about a complex and saturated post-pandemic modernism, calls for a decorative fusion. That is, in a maximalist kitchen we could see elements of industrial design, with touches of the modern rustic style.


Of course, all this isn’t random as Beatriz Sanchez explained. The idea is to combine contrasting elements in terms of materials and cultural influences without losing the modern essence of this trend that also plays with vintage items.


And while all of the above explains what this trend is all about, at this point you may want some tips to help you create your maximalist kitchen, and we’re happy to give them to you below.


6 keys to creating a maximalist kitchen


  1. Don’t be afraid of color. Forget white. Maximalist kitchens have bright and bold colors. The idea isn’t having everything in one color, but about combining walls, furniture, and appliances. Reds, bottle greens, electric blues, and ochres are the distinctive tones of this trend. The rule here is to be bold.
  2. Textures and prints. Simple and Zen don’t fit here. This trend isn’t afraid of risky combinations of stripes, flowers, and shapes. Take advantage of the diversity of materials in the kitchen to play with them and create an interesting atmosphere.
  3. Mix styles. We gave you a preview above, but rustic and industrial aren’t the only styles you can mix and match here. Combine classic design elements with Scandinavian or try midcentury with art deco. Don’t be afraid.
  4. Merge cultures. Here’s where you apply what we explained before. Asian prints and African details can complement each other if you know how to combine them, everything will depend on the personality you want to give to your kitchen.
  5. Focus on the walls. The walls are the focus of this style, they must be overly decorated.
  6. Dramatic lighting. Here you may be wondering: dramatic lighting in the kitchen? Well, yes. Try a teardrop lamp or a chandelier. The important thing is to create an atmosphere, even better if it’s a magical one.


As you can see, going to the other side can be complex. But our advice in this regard is that even if it seems complicated, ask for the help of a decoration expert so that you can make the right decisions for the space you have at home and create the maximalist kitchen of your dreams.



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