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We all have an inner grill master who wants to come out but thinks that to enjoy a good quality grill, like the ones offered by  Coyote, you need to have space. If you are among those who believe this, we have great news for you, space is no longer an issue with the 28″ Built-In Grill from the C-Series of this brand.


This compact model has all the fabulous features of the popular C-series grills of the brand that come in 34- and 36-inch versions. Manufactured in 304 stainless steel, this grill has Coyote’s distinctive design, which guarantees high heat capacity plus having a home appliance made to last and produce quality meals for years.


In other words, the 28″ Built-In Grill from the C-Series by Coyote will not only offer you an appliance with an excellent price-quality ratio, which is one of the specialties of this brand but will also guarantee that you’ll have one of the best gas grills on the market.


Amazing amenities

We bet that after reading the above you are already visualizing what your Sundays will be like with your Coyote grill on the balcony, or in your garden. With this appliance, you’ll discover that you can prepare more than meat, fish, chicken, and roasted vegetables in a grill like this, because, with imagination and a few accessories, this grill will help you manifest your talents as a grill master.


What do we mean by that? Well, for example, although this grill can be used with natural gas or propane, you can also use charcoal or wood.


Well, yes. An individual accessory that you can buy for this Coyote appliance is the smoker box. This accessory will allow you to enjoy that popular and tasty smoked flavor with the help of your gas grill. That is, thanks to this accessory you can have the best of both worlds in the same appliance.


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Another option that will make your experience with this Coyote grill unique are the Signature Grates. These laser-cut stainless-steel grates will allow you to perfectly cook fish and vegetables. As we told you at the beginning, this appliance by Coyote 28″ is enough for you to have a great grill at home.


And you have to know that…


Although in appearance this is a simple and modest grill, like all Coyote grills from the C-Series, the 28″ Built-In Grill offers features you won’t find in other grills in the same range. Just to name a few of them, we’re talking about an appliance that:

  • Offers you more than 585 square inches of cooking space
  • Two high-performance Coyote Infinity Burners™
  • Integrated wind guard
  • Natural gas or propane option
  • An appliance that can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit and offers you 40,000 BTU burners
  • Interior grill lighting

So don’t be fooled by the size, because in terms of Coyote grills, good things come in small versions too.


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