Cooking at full speed with Thermador’s 36” Freedom® induction cooktop


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Trust us, no love can compare to the feeling of having Thermador’s Freedom® 36” induction cooktop in front of you. This state-of-the-art, full-surface cooktop allows you to cook with up to 6 pots or pans simultaneously in any position, controlling everything through a full-color touch screen, and that’s a dream come true!


This induction cooktop whose fully usable surface of 36″ is the largest on the market within its class, is a high-tech appliance manufactured especially for the kitchen. Its system combining 56 induction elements with pot detection allows the cooktop to automatically recognize the size, shape, and position of your cookware placed on it. As if that wasn’t enough, the cooktop also has smart WiFi devices that include personalized control, notifications, and remote diagnostics through the Home Connect app.


In addition, the cooktop has Sapphire Glow® embedded LED surface lights along its sides that provide visual information when a pan is moved and let you know whether or not the surface is heating. And for lovers of sophisticated dishes, the Thermador Freedom® 36” cooktop offers the TeppanyakiPro® function that divides the teppanyaki grill plate into a double area that heats individually.


It’s the perfect cooktop, don’t you think? Well, you already know part of what you can do in it, but to cook “at full speed” or take full advantage of this appliance, we will share with you some helpful tricks and tips.


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Tips to take advantage of Thermador’s Freedom® 36”


Before getting into the subject, the first thing you need to know is that not all cookware or pans are suitable for induction cooktops. Therefore, the first factor you must consider before installing a cooktop like this at home is that you need to have pots with a ferromagnetic metal coating to make contact with the plate.


Something very important that you will also be interested to know about this type of cooktop is that cooking on them is healthy since they are very precise and stable when it comes to temperature control. What does this mean? Well, that you won’t have the risk of overheating the oil or the food in general, allowing you to preserve its properties.


Having said all this, here are the tips:

  • Since you can cook on the entire surface of your Freedom® 36” by Thermador, just make sure the pot or pan you’re using is not deformed so you can enjoy the even and efficient cooking that the appliance provides.
  • Take advantage of the MyZone® feature which allows you to change a preset power level by simply moving a pot or pan over the cooktop. This way, you’ll benefit from the high efficiency in the heat transfer of the induction and therefore achieve perfect cooking in less time. Use this feature to get quality frying, seal meat or simply boil water quickly.
  • Don’t stress out over liquid spills or grease residues on the cooktop. Finish cooking and wipe the surface with a damp cloth because the system won’t allow these residues to burn on the surface.
  • Save energy by using the Cook Timer function. This will turn off the heat in the selected area at the end of cooking, and maintain a low, constant residual temperature that allows you to finish cooking the food without having to turn the cooktop back on.
  • Use the PowerBoost® and PanBoost® features offered by this appliance. The first will increase the heat output of the pan you use by up to 50%, which saves time when heating large amounts of water. The second function allows your pan to heat up in 30 seconds.


So, you can fall in love with this Thermador cooktop, that’s ok. She will respond quickly and efficiently to that love by offering you the opportunity to create restaurant-worthy dishes for your guests and family in no time.




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