Domotics: the new kitchen assistant?


Meet your new kitchen assistant: its name isn’t Maria, it’s Domotics and it aims at relieving you from many chores.

Domotics is the series of systems oriented at automating a home, providing solutions for communications, safety, energy savings, and wellbeing that are controlled from the inside or outside of the home through mobile devices. Domotics combines technology and design, and its presence in any home is as useful as it’s discreet.

When it comes to kitchens – the space that will monopolize the technology in the home- it’s exhibited in multiple forms to facilitate the life of users in a tangible way.

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Energy islands

A kitchen today can’t only have wall lights, as those end up being impractical and inefficient when connecting the blender, the tablet, iPod, or laptop is just as necessary in the kitchen to communicate with other people and to follow recipes, tutorials, watch movies or to set the ambiance with good music. For that reason, workstations or the popular kitchen “islands” already include in their designs drawers with power outlets to save and charge those devices, towers of retractable connectors on the countertops or even the famous charging surface Changing Surface de DuPont Corian.

La Cuisine International

Lights to suit your taste

Another manifestation of domotics in the kitchen can be seen in the integrated lighting systems. Recessed and LED lighting, as well as lighting with a different intensity that can be controlled remotely to highlight the right places depending on the activity you are performing in that particular space.

Warm and cold

Refrigeration in the kitchen is no longer limited just to classic refrigerators. State-of-the-art kitchens not only have refrigerators, but also freezers, wine cabinets, beverage centers, and temperature-controlled storage rooms to maintain the food in optimal storing conditions and away from humidity. All that can be controlled from a cellphone that allows you to know the specific ingredient you are missing while you are at the supermarket, without having to prepare a boring shopping list.

And despite seeming a contradiction, domotics can be a great ally to rescue traditional cooking since it will simplify the job and will let us focus on cooking those old stews that our grandmothers used to make in a more pleasant environment.


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