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“Legend has it that with the arrival of fall, humans grieved for the children and elderly people who passed away due to the inclement cold of the previous winter since they didn’t have anything that could help stay warm at night. A coyote who passed close to the tribe heard them and was sorry for their sadness, so he went to the top of the mountain where the three guardians of the fire lived. The coyote lived hidden among them for three days studying the way to steal the element until he understood that at dawn, when the night guardians woke the guardian of the fire during the day, they left the bonfire unprotected.

The coyote came down from the mountain and gathered his animal friends to agree on a plan to help the humans, and once arranged, he returned to the top. At dawn, when the guardians entered the tupi to wake up the third guardian, the coyote took a branch lit between his teeth and went quickly down the mountain. The enraged sisters chased him, but they only managed to touch his tail – that’s why the tip of a coyote’s tail is white – and upon reaching the foot of the mountain he threw the branch that was picked up by the squirrels, and other animals that managed to escape from the guardians, until they delivered the burning branch to the grateful humans.”

Native American legend


La Cuisine International


From the tupi to the backyard

Inspired by the legend, Coyote brings the fire to the home through its outdoor kitchen equipment with the intention to promote family gatherings that keep the warmth alive and create stories that replicate those stories related to the fire told by their North American ancestors.

Healthy food prepared outdoors, fun moments, stories to tell, and the irresistible scent of the grill are the elements that haven’t gone out of style, even though human beings now use synthetic fabrics instead of fur and live in sophisticated homes instead of teepees. Grilled food immediately connects us with those aspects of the wildlife that are in everyone’s DNA and Coyote designs the best implements, so those experiences can be lived frequently and in the most comfortable way.

Resistance, beauty, and durability

The best quality stainless-steel, flawless finishes, resistant materials, easy-maintenance materials, a variety of sizes and presentations, and the best cost-benefit ratio are the pillars of a brand that has experienced a significant growth in terms of the preference of users. Whether you have a big backyard or a small terrace in an apartment, Coyote has an option so the emotion of burning coil, the smoky flavor, and all the nutritional properties of a meal prepared in its natural juices and without grease is always within reach.


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