Do you know the 5 architectural trends that will prevail in the future?


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The future has caught up with us, and for that precise reason, now more than ever, the master minds of architecture are already working to integrate from now on the new trends that’ll make the future a more livable place. Proof of this is the fact that today the use of 3D printing or sustainable constructions in this discipline don’t come as a surprise to anyone.

However, we still have to prepare ourselves for some architectural proposals. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the most interesting trends in this regard and we are certain that you’ll be impressed.


1- The sea as the next frontier

Can you imagine living under the sea? Well, you may want to think about it because Aquatecture is a trend in full development. This discipline that brings together designers, environmentalists, and architects is giving birth to interesting projects ranging from underwater stations to recreational buildings and buildings that could be described as “underwater skyscrapers.”

However, while all this trend about developing constructions in the ocean may  seem distant, architects and builders are more inclined than ever towards projects that interact with water as sea levels rise worldwide. These projects include houses and schools designed to float in the event of flooding (New Orleans, London, and Lagos). The projects encourage the adoption of agroplast and other innovative materials, as well as the use of sustainable food and energy production systems.


2- 100% smart homes

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Today’s home automation is only showing us the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we’ll use in the future. The case is that everything related to systems capable of automating a house or building of any kind is close to being the norm.

However, in the future not only home appliances will be managed through smartphones or tablets, but also the materials used for their manufacture will react to thermal changes and even generate their own energy. Simply put, we’ll have homes that are not only smart but also environmentally friendly.


3- Landscaping as a rule

Certainly, these months of confinement have shown us how much we’ve underestimated the importance of green spaces. That’s why designers predict that plants and gardens will become the most important factors in the residential design of the future.

The New York based architect Serban Ionescu spoke to AD magazine about this topic: “Too many sustainable designs include the same straight lines and boxes that we see everywhere, which are mediocre and disconnected from the free forms of nature. Nature is not expressed in straight lines. Nature is emotional and unpredictable. Green is wild, jagged, irregular, curved; it’s underground and mysterious. It makes mistakes and sometimes it’s scary and aesthetically unpleasant. I think the future will add a wild and terrifying side to the design.”


4- The artisanal boom

Experts say that what’s unique, rare, and unusual will also be part of the norm. This will affect both the theme of constructions and the decorative elements included in homes. In fact, the artist and designer Atang Tshikare, foresees a fourth industrial revolution, where technology will simplify the manufacture of artisanal items, managing to make the work of artists and craftsmen more accessible and popular.


5- Less waste

Although this is already a trend, the truth is that the building materials of the future will be 100% sustainable and reusable. This means that the verb repair will be as fashionable as the verb recycle.

On the other hand, according to some enthusiasts of the circular economy, we’ll see more wood and less concrete and metal in the future. Likewise, they speak of reusing as the norm in the days to come. This would result in transforming abandoned buildings into offices, hotels, or homes. That is, instead of demolishing them and sending tons of debris to landfills to start a new construction from scratch, the existing structure will be reused.

These are just 5 of all the trends we’ll see emerge as confinement and deconfinement follow their normal course, and human beings continue analyzing how we can contribute with the planet rather than affecting it.



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