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If heat pump tumble dryers are a relief, you can trust us that after you discover condenser tumble dryers, you’ll consider them both a blessing and the best friend of your clothes. Now, you may be wondering what’s difference between one appliance and the other. Well, there’s a significant difference and we’ll tell you all about it.

The first thing we’ll tell you in this regard is that there are 3 types of tumble dryers in the market: heat pump dryers, evacuation dryers and condenser tumble dryers. Dryers with a heat pump reuse the air. This process can be done thanks to the addition of a fan that causes the hot air to recirculate. They have a very sophisticated operation, save a lot of energy, and they are usually quite expensive.

Evacuation dryers have a quite simple operation. They collect air from the outside, heat it through a resistor that then sends it to the drum to dry the clothes. Excess hot water from this process is expelled outside. Today, this type of appliance isn’t commercialized as much because it’s less energy efficient.

Condenser tumble dryers heat the air that enters through the back of the appliance using an electrical resistance, then the air is directed to the drum that evaporates the water from the clothing, until it finally dries. Throughout this process the hot air is combined with the cold air that enters the appliance, causing the steam to turn into water, which is stored in a tank that must be emptied after every use. These appliances are as energy efficient as they are economical, they are the queens of the market right now, so you’ll find this type of model in almost all brands.


At the forefront of the market

Bosch is the leading brand when it comes to condenser tumble dryers. To this sophisticated drying technology, the German brand has added an eco-friendly solution to gently dry clothes at an optimal temperature without the need for external ducts.

A very good  example of this technology applied to the home is the  WTG865H3UC condenser tumble dryer from the 800 series. This is a compact 24” appliance with a capacity of 4 cubic foot. It comes with 3 levels of drying time adjustments, 14 cycles (Permanent Press, Cotton, Towels, AntiShrink, Sanitize, Hand Wash/Wool, Bulky/Large Items, Quick Dry Auto, Jeans, Delicates, SuperQuick 15, Quick 40, Time Dry, Air Fluff/No Heat) and also 9 options that will allow you to dry your clothes in low heat, time dry, and start, pause and restart a cycle even remotely.

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This means that you’ll have a next-generation smart appliance that will not only save you time and money (due to its low energy consumption), but will also allow you to take care of your clothing without polluting the environment (Energy Star certification). How is that possible? We’ll explain that below.


The secret behind condensation technology

In a condenser tumble dryer the clothes seem to come out a little damp. Many people make the mistake of re-inserting the garment and putting it back on to dry longer. But it’s important that you know that what at first glance can be an inconvenience, is really an advantage, since this way the system is making sure that your clothes remain in better condition longer.

Another great advantage of this type of dryer is that, as we already mentioned, they have a wide variety of programs. This turns them into a very practical appliance because it’ll be easier for you to find one that’s ideal for your clothes. Also, you can read the user manual to find cold programs to eliminate odors and others to avoid wrinkles for example.

Isn’t this the dryer you’ve always  dreamed of?





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