Undercounter refrigerators, the secret weapon of a kitchen


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It’s a well-known fact that an undercounter refrigerator is the secret weapon of any kitchen. Why? Because there are times when you need more space to refrigerate food, regardless of the size of your main refrigerator.

Just think about it, or even better, remember all the maneuvers you have to do sometimes to store things in the fridge after you had a party at home, or when your favorite fruit is in season and you buy tons of it. Did you remember?

Now, just imagine that in the empty space located under the kitchen’s island  there’s a refrigerator ready to house everything that doesn’t fit in your main refrigerator. Can you imagine the sense of relief you’ll feel from having that extra space? Certainly, you can.

If the solution is so clear, you just need to know what the ideal model for you would be. To achieve that, you need to make a list of priorities, and above all, consider the space available.


 Small and with all the amenities

Before running out to buy any appliance, it’s wise to know what the market has to offer to decide on a particular model that fits into what you really need in the kitchen.

In this regard, it’s worth mentioning that today’s undercounter refrigerators have nothing to envy to regular size ones in terms of technology. In fact, you may see them frequently described as “the best cooling solution in 85 cm high”.

However, while these appliances tend to have standard dimensions, they can vary in width and depth que depending on the brand, and that’s why we insist that you measure very carefully the space you have available, so that you don’t run into any problems. Also, remember to include in these measurements the additional space needed in case you want to use recessed installation.

Electricity consumption and design are other features that you must consider when you purchase this type of appliance. You’ll see them in all colors and shapes, as well as all  energy efficiency ranges. In this sense, our recommendation is that you choose a combination of a minimalist design with excellent energy savings. That way you’ll have an appliance that doesn’t break the harmony in your kitchen and doesn’t affect your electricity bill.

The capacity of the appliance is another important factor. This capacity can range from 130 to 80 liters, but like we said, it’ll depend on the space you have available.


Liebherr, always the best option

Liebherr is certainly the brand at the forefront in terms of refrigeration and their undercounter refrigerator model UR 500  is a very good example of this.

La Cuisine InternationalThe German brand included its signature in this appliance through three of its exclusive systems: SuperCool, GlassLine and SuperQuiet. The first system guarantees that you’ll have a powerful equipment at home that generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food cools quickly.

The second, the GlassLine system, will allow you to have a refrigerator with elegant scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean shelves. While the third, the SuperQuiet system, will guarantee that you’ll bring to your kitchen a computer with controlled speed compressors, that’s virtually silent and a low-nose cooling circuit that, at the same time, will offer you an accurate performance appliance, highly efficient and with excellent operation.

The UR 500 is an undercounter refrigerator that measures 88 cm high, 59.7 cm wide and 55 cm deep. It has a net capacity of 136 liters and like all the refrigerators of the brand, it comes with Energy Star certification, which guarantees an appliance that produces less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions. So, with all this information you can now tell us if having all these qualities doesn’t turn this appliance into the best secret weapon you could have in your kitchen.


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