Do you dare to fill your kitchen with color?


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It was about time that the color in your kitchen went from your dishes to other places. And no, we are not talking about a food fight, but about something more durable yet just as fun: daring to allow the color palette to take over the walls, shelves, and even the appliances, adding life to the most important space in your home.

The times when only neutral tones were allowed in the kitchen are over. The use of color is imposed not only as a trend but also as a statement of principles since the colors are used in every space of the home to talk about the personality and purpose of your dreams.

La Cuisine International

We love green

One of the shades that can light up a kitchen is green in its different tones, since it adds freshness, a sensation of amplitude, and it’s the color associated with nature. When combined with metallic textures and wood, it can turn the space into a warm and modern one. In some instances, this color can also be applied through the use of diverse elements, which could be mean the use of plants or combined with appliances such as an enameled range from Smeg.

La Cuisine International

What about earth tones?

Orange, yellow, brown, and ochre are ideal for a rustic kitchen, as well as wooden furniture in diverse tones, especially for those with a large space and plenty of light. To soften them up, they can be nicely combined with white and beige. If you believe the combination is too strong or that it can saturate the space, adding a touch of color with the appliances could be ideal.

For example, a classic refrigerator from Smeg in a vibrant orange will certainly take center stage in any space. The line VarioStyle from Bosch offers another alternative with its doors with exchangeable panels to add the variety of tones of your choice to your kitchen. In fact, you can combine orange with other colors from the earth tones palette since the refrigerator doors and the refrigerator itself are individual.

La Cuisine International

Deep red

The color red is highly used in the kitchen, due to its affinity, warmth, and connection with heat. However, few dare to apply it to doors, panels, or tables. There are materials for countertops that come in the color red, which provide wonderful finishes to kitchens, but for those who wish to be more cautious, the use of the color is frequently seen in appliances that could be very discreet and elegant.

Pastels out of the oven

The whole vintage trend that has recently taken design by storm can reach the kitchen with a combination of pastel colors. A white background, through white or grey walls, can be the perfect canvas to display the pastel color palette and add a chic and modern look to the kitchen -and the house as a whole- without going overboard. Smeg has a line of appliances of soft lines in these tones that can make decoration very simple.

Daring is the key. Just look at the brands that have dared to leave their comfort zone of the stainless-steel and white to fill spaces with color and allow them to be the leading characters so the family can experience unique moments in what is certainly the heart of the home: the kitchen.


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