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Concrete is taking kitchens by storm. The designers that are currently betting on introducing rustic or industrial elements to kitchens with impact have found in concrete the ideal ally to end the hegemony of granite, marble, and quartz for countertops and cooktops.

This resistant and malleable material not only offers an infinity of finishes but also combines perfectly with other materials such as wood and steel creating a very chic style. Combining shades with glass chips in the mix or polishing these countertops are a hygienic and economical solution for any type of kitchen.

A type of concrete for every kitchen

Generally, the biggest differences between concrete countertops are in the finishes. As we indicated above, it depends on the creativity and imagination of the designer or architect that manages the project and the style they wish to be portrayed in the kitchen. In its natural finish, concrete is very rough and matte, but when it’s polished or when a protective varnish is added, the result is a luxurious countertop.

• Rustic chic. Microcement or mixed concrete are materials that, for some time now, have been normally used to cover floors. However, these materials and their benefits are the ones that add a distinctive touch to the countertops of modern rustic kitchens. These materials provide countertops with very fine finishes and very diverse colors that perfectly match the antique wood that is so common in that style.


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• Eclectic vintage charm. Just imagine appliances with an old-style look like the line FAB 50 from Smeg, being surrounded by antique wood furniture and matching extra thick polished concrete countertops. Wouldn’t that be the kitchen of your dreams? Of course. It would have the unique touch expected from this space of the home to take us back to that time when we used to sit at the kitchen counter, waiting for our mother or grandmother to give us a piece of that delicious cake.

• Industrial contemporary style. If you like what is trendy, this is the option. The best element to complete the style that must wear metal and is characterized by large-sized lamps, stainless-steel appliances, and copper faucets is a natural finish countertop in grey. Remember to ask for a protective varnish to be applied in order to mature the surface. That will guarantee your investment will be worth it as it will be durable. This varnish must be renovated once a year to maintain the surface waterproof.


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• Minimalism also applies. Did you think that lovers of simplicity couldn’t use concrete? Well, they can and with wonderful benefits. It happens that concrete has nothing to envy from quartz and marble that are so commonly used in minimalist presentations. The easiness to color this material with some additives makes lovers of white kitchens see it as the perfect ally. Besides, this material can serve as structural support, since storage space can be built with stonework and give that open space touch that is so fashionable nowadays.

In sum, concrete is definitely here to stay and position itself as the ideal ally for the most diverse styles since it is a truly eclectic material. Like any other material, it has its advantages and disadvantages that must be considered in order to choose it with eyes wide open.


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