The hood is no longer the ugly duckling in the kitchen


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Hoods are no longer the ugly duckling in the kitchen. Now, they are the ventilation tools par excellence in kitchens, as they are in charge of gathering or extracting the fumes and grease produced by preparations, thus maintaining the environment clean and without scents. For that reason, hoods have left behind their traditional design to be dressed in avant-garde design and be part of the stage set up in a luxury kitchen.

Fortunately, technology has reached hoods as well, so aside from significantly improving their performance in terms of noise and easiness of maintenance, their adaptability to diverse decoration styles has increased as well. The brand Faber offers a diverse variety of shapes, coatings, and styles so the hood is currently the swan of the kitchen.


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Where is the hood?

The most avant-garde can have all the functions of an extractor hood in a modern and discreet presentation, that is the case of the Heaven Flat 2.0 from the Built-in line. An extractor panel with lighting function that can be added to the ceiling or a wall. It maintains all the functions without occupying space or visibility in the kitchen.


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On the corners as well

If your kitchen is in a corner, locating the hood to suit your taste doesn’t have to be a problem. Faber offers several options. If the decoration of your kitchen is modern and your choice is stainless-steel, you will love the models Solaris and Stilo Angolo, but if you choose a more country or romantic style, then the models Ranch Angolo or West Angolo will be your favorite. They have elegant lines that will add that rustic style since they are coated with white sheets with details in wood.

And the islands?

Faber doesn’t leave behind the islands or workstations that are more frequently found in kitchens today. For these modern kitchens, the options go from T-shaped hoods to floating versions with more or less design. There is a broad variety that can adapt to all kinds of design. Just like the Thea Isola model that adjusts to an industrial aesthetic or the impressive Odette, whose presence resembles a design lamp placed above your kitchen.


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The luxury of minimalism

If your motto when it comes to luxury is “less is more,” Faber also has the answer. The Wall line is full of options for those who prefer to occupy less space. The minimalism of these hoods doesn’t overshadow them, since they are designed with an aesthetic that is impossible to ignore due to its clean and elegant lines, along with their luxurious materials. That is the case with the model Pyana, which more than a hood seems a modern artifact from the future created to satisfy consumers’ needs. A white body with curved lines that impresses with its state-of-the-art design and modernism.

In time, appliances are integrating their functionality to the beauty, thus slowly becoming pieces closer to art just like the hoods from Faber, which hope to add beauty to your spaces without forgetting about the good use of the highest quality technology.


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