Design and neuroarchitecture: the keys to the future  


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A new trend that is gaining momentum in terms of construction is biophilic design and neuroarchitecture. These approaches, which seek to redefine the relationship between the built environment and human needs, take advantage of the innate connection we have with nature to create spaces that promote health and wellness. 

But what are these practices all about? Let’s dive into them. 

The future of architecture in the 21st century  

The architecture of the 21st century is moving towards a more holistic approach that understands that buildings and spaces are not just physical structures, but environments that can deeply impact the quality of life of the people who inhabit them. Therefore, neuroarchitecture and biophilic design represent a natural evolution on this path toward human-centered architecture. 

Below are some of the benefits that this approach would bring to our lives: 

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  • Increased well-being: Neuroarchitecture seeks to understand how the physical environment affects our emotions and mood. We can significantly improve people’s quality of life by designing spaces that promote calm and happiness. 
  • Fostering creativity and productivity: Environments that incorporate natural elements and biophilic features can stimulate creativity and productivity. Also, the presence of plants, natural light, and nature-inspired colors can boost cognitive ability.  
  • Stress reduction: Exposure to natural environments and the incorporation of biophilic design elements can reduce stress. This is especially relevant in work and healthcare environments, where calm and relaxation are critical. 
  • Improved health: spaces designed with biophilic principles can have a positive impact on physical health, including lowering blood pressure, and in general, promoting healthy lifestyle habits. 
  • Greater connection with nature: The integration of natural views, daylight, and the presence of natural elements in interior design allows for a greater connection with nature, even in urban environments. 
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The ideal home for this century  

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If we imagine the ideal home of the future, where the concepts of biophilic design and neuroarchitecture are fully applied, it will have the following characteristics: 

Open and illuminated spaces: designed to maximize natural light. Large windows and open spaces would connect the interior with the surrounding natural environment. 

Natural elements: natural elements such as wood, stone, and water are incorporated into the interior design. Colors and patterns would be inspired by nature, creating a relaxing and harmonious environment. 

Indoor green areas: through interior gardens or courtyards with vegetation. These spaces would provide a green haven inside the house, encouraging relaxation and connection with nature. 

Health-oriented technology: using technology to control lighting, temperature, and air quality to optimize the health and well-being of residents. Biodynamic lighting would adapt to circadian rhythms to improve sleep and energy during the day. 

Flexible and comfortable spaces: design focused on comfort and flexibility. Furnishings and spaces could adjust to the changing needs of residents, promoting functionality and satisfaction. 

Sounds from nature: incorporating elements such as the sound of running water or birds chirping through integrated sound systems to create a soothing environment. 

Connection to the outdoors: there would be a seamless connection to outdoor spaces through terraces or balconies, to allow a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Biophilic design and neuroarchitecture are exciting developments in architecture and interior design. They improve the appearance of spaces and positively influence people’s health and well-being. The ideal house of the future will integrate nature into every aspect of its design, creating an environment that fosters happiness and harmony with the natural world. 


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